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Sunday, November 9, 2014

So, Project Work is finally over - we've submitted our individual components, our written report and are done with the oral presentation - and honestly, I am so, so lucky to have landed myself in such a lovely group. Thank you Jamie, Junlei and Zixian - you guys have truly been a blessing to me this entire year. Our Project Work journey has been so smooth it's quite insane I don't think we've ever argued (or even had any major disagreements) as we worked together this entire year and I'm so grateful. 

I don't think I should continue with anything mushier in this blog post but I just really wanted to look back at the past year we spent together (though we didn't really spend much time together because we barely had meetings compared to other groups, though our meetings were always fun and full of laughter). 

When we first got our groupings, we just all burst into laughter because we've already been spending a lot of time together even before PW but I think the one thing that was on our minds was that this could either go really really well or really really horribly and that we'd all fall out at the end of it and end up not having close friends in class. I'm glad it's the former :-) 

Our first lunch together at Upper Thomson Road! :") 

Even wearing the same shirts for PE lessons without coordinating! :-) 

Times we spent in the computer lab making a lot of noise and laughing, more than doing actual work

I think one really major part of our Project Work journey was not having regularly meetings but rather full scale meetings from morning till night in school and just being incredibly productive and finishing everything in one day - it was insane but we actually did it and I think this method was really useful and gave us time to focus on all our other work. 


Another highlight was really the interview we managed to get, because he was so high in demand and we were so fortunate he granted us his time. It was a very interesting experience and getting matcha kit kats after that was also a plus (even though Jamie lost her wallet, but she got to see the kindness of Hougang people double plus points!) 

Also, thank you guys for never, ever doing work during actual PW lessons so it was always a good and relaxing period I could look forward to! I love how we always made a fool of ourselves together and were so noisy laughing/ talking loudly all the time, to the amusement/ disappointment of Mr Tan.

And this was our final draft of Written Report - thank you for allowing me to focus on the mock ups and not being too picky about stuff having to look pretty - you guys are really super encouraging and are really one of the only people I am actually productive with on Google Docs meetings - it's really crazy how productive and fast we are at doing work together. 

And finally - submitting our written report! :-) As much as it wasn't an incredibly tough journey, it was still a pain to do and it was such a huge relief when we submitted it. I think it was quite a mad rush with all the printing and stuff because we thought we were alright till we realized that we printed wrongly and later having to change it and print it at the shop in Bishan which was crowded with other PW groups - thank you guys for the company as we did it together. 

Our written report! :') 

And finally the last hurdle - Oral Presentation! :-) I think we were one of the few groups that actually attempted to do a skit and I'm very glad we managed to pull it off in the end. I'm not sure about you guys but Oral Presentation seemed like a blur to me because preparation for it happened so fast rather than a year of work like the Written Report but it was really fun while it lasted. Thanks for coming to my house and painting the piano together, and of course how can we forget the great adventure of having our things locked and Junlei having to climb through windows - but I don't think I should reveal too much, this is a public domain afterall. 

And... after our Oral Presentation, which went rather smoothly :') I'm so proud of us! So sorry for being the burden with Chinese, because we were separated from our class and ended up missing the really beautiful class photo but here's one with Mr Tan! 

I think at this point, I would also like to thank Mr Tan, our PW teacher for everything he has done for us because he's actually really tolerant of our group's nonsense and laughter. He's also one of the most patient PW teachers around, judging by some of the horror stories we hear from other classes. Thank you Mr Tan for also being such a nice co-CT, somehow going for Gear Up with us, sharing with us your JC stories (albeit repeatedly) and even though you seem to enjoy calling me weird a lot and making me hand up attendance sheets on behalf of you, thank you nonetheless, 15A01C will miss you (though maybe not the subject you teach)!

And thank you #BWPW, it's been a great ride and no matter our result, this journey has been a very lovely one and I'm incredibly grateful. 

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