Que Será Será

Monday, November 17, 2014

Rain is beautiful. 

Despite the inconvenience it brings, there is a certain tranquility in hearing droplets splash against the windowpane, and of course, watching drops of rain race against one another, down the glass windows of vehicles, something I've enjoyed doing since I was young. Recently, I found myself captivated by them more and more and would stand at the front of the LRT carriage, eyes completely fixated on the raindrops accumulating more water as they slid down the smooth surface, gaining speed as they go, soon disappearing into nothingness as they reach the bottom, losing itself to the rainwater that has collected at the groove of the window.

It takes my focus away, away from using my phone on public transport or being self-conscious around all the commuters around me. It keeps my mind away from nonsensical and frivolous thoughts, allowing me to engage in that of a more meaningful nature. I love how it has been raining recently - it makes the weather cold and comfy and it makes me reflect more, somehow. Funny how our surroundings can actually serve to impact the way we behave. 

Today, right now at this moment, I am thinking about a particular "quote" I dismissed as ridiculous and superficial at the start of the year. I don't think I considered it a quotable quote, and I saw it merely as a generalized statement. It comes from the person who understands me a lot better than most people (I would like to think vice versa) and says things that resonate with me because of our very glaring similar personalities (though at the point in time when this quote was said, I barely saw its relevance to my own life) and well, he's the (not so) fluffy unicorn who said "If it is meant to be, it will be!" 

Alright, I know, it's so duh, yes? There isn't much depth to it but really, it is a very powerful and useful notion. Truth be told, I never thought about it properly or tried to apply it to my life. If I had always held such a mindset close to my heart as I lived by, perhaps I'll be less inclined to fall prey to feeling regretful and thinking of what-could-have-beens because I'll know that if things are meant to turn out in a certain way, they would, and that there's a reason why they don't. There are lessons to be learnt from unfavourable events that occur, but we should just move on and not look back all the time - they could be blessings in disguise. 

And yes, I'll keep that in mind from now on and hopefully it'll make me feel a lot calmer about the decisions I make and the actions I take. Also, I'm not saying that we should just step back and leave everything to "fate" and not do anything at all since if things are meant to be, they will be. That's not right. Rather, I'm trying to convince myself to place full faith in the actions I have taken or will be taking in due course, as and when I feel it's the correct thing to do. That'll probably help me a whole load in terms of dealing with the emotions I am feeling and right now, I am feeling immensely blessed that I have stumbled upon and revisited this thought because it is definitely adding value in my life. Thanks Ben, you've once again provided me with a bit of wisdom that inspired this late night musing - funny how much faith I seem to have in you that you'll read my blog.

"Que Será Será, 
Whatever will be, 
Will be." 

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