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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello friends :-)

This is an extremely late post because I visited this place soon after I stopped working at Toys R Us late last year and I honestly didn't know if I should even post this anymore considering how backdated it is but it's been quite a while since school has started and I haven't had much time to visit nice food places anymore so I decided I should post this up anyway! Looking at food pictures personally makes me very happy already :') 

While working there, I never knew that Farrer Park had so many cool food places and stuck to the usual fare during my break times. I guess it's practicality and cost as well but now that I don't work there, I realized that there are several hipster cafés and speciality eateries and Paddington House of Pancakes is one of them. I managed to try it with my work buddy May on 4th January when we headed back to visit the store! :-) It's within City Square Mall itself so that's pretty convenient because you won't have to walk out to the open to find a random café within the shophouses. 

I suppose the only other place I can compare this eatery with would be Strictly Pancakes but this one is really crazy because it has hundreds of choices (yes literally hundreds!!!!) on the menu and I think they guard their variety very strictly because I was actually taking photographs of the menu so that I'd be able to remember what I ordered but I was told that I couldn't and well, I respect that. Anyway, we decided to get the kids menu for our main course so that we'd have space for dessert pancakes. Also because I have this strong repulsion when it comes to savoury pancakes. 

When you're there, request for the seats near the full length glass windows because the view is actually quite gorgeous! It's definitely incredible for a random shopping mall in the middle of the Little India district. Oh, but the service staff here isn't very helpful at all and they are definitely not believers of doing service with a smile, apart from a rare one or two of them and it's quite a turn off to be honest. 

Our drinks! :-) I got the "Sinful Iced Chocolate" ($6) - to be honest it just tastes like milk with Hershey's chocolate syrup (i.e. chocolate milk) and it's quite diluted even for chocolate milk. The only plus point was the presentation of it! 

May's caramel iced coffee! :-) I tried it and it was a lot better than my "sinful" iced chocolate. But I would say no to the drinks there in general. 

 This is May's chicken spaghetti bolognese ($8.50) from kids menu! It's actually quite a large portion for kids and I would definitely recommend choosing from the kids menu for your main dish or one will be too full to have anything else afterwards and I feel like the desserts are the best part of this eatery. According to her, this tasted pretty normal but passable.

My sausage and cheese burger with mini pancakes and fries ($9.50) which was from the kids menu as well! It's really just a mini pancake stack with sausage and cheese sandwiched in between and a pretty scarce amount of fries at the side. For this one, I can understand why it's meant for kids but taste wise it was actually pretty good.

I mentioned that I can't accept savoury pancakes but this one was surprisingly mild - I think it's because the pancakes aren't cloyingly sweet and I really liked how the pancakes replaced the burger bun. It's really nice how they kept it simple without any over-the-top sauces because that would have been way too much and more difficult to eat. The usual chilli sauce and ketchup is provided on every table so that's good for people who want a bit of sauce to their food. And then came the dessert! :-) 

I can't remember the exact name of this but it was a crêpe served with fried bananas, caramel sauce, pineapples, peaches, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream ($13) - May ordered it and the portion was really really huge! It could very well be for a party of two and I think when one person eats it, it gets a bit tiring after a while because the flavours somehow will all mix and become this huge mess. 

Definitely share it with a friend - one person is quite impossible! Plus May had main course before this as well, so it was a bit hard on her and she didn't finish it in the end. 

For dessert I got their Strawberry New York Cheesecake sundae ($8) and it's definitely the highlight of the entire meal. The portion was just right and it was this beautiful contraption of crushed digestive cookies, strawberry jam, vanilla ice cream, cream cheese, whipped cream and really really cute dollar coin pancakes! 

Like that's actually a mini dollar coin sized pancake hidden in between the layers and there's many of them hidden and they are just gorgeous -  you can actually see the air bubbles so they are really fluffy and great at soaking up the lovely flavours but still remaining very spongey. Perfect texture, in my opinion. I would have liked it if the cream cheese wasn't all stuck to the bottom though - if it was evenly mixed with the vanilla ice cream, this sundae would have been amazing. I'm not the biggest cheese lover - like I can't eat it alone, I have to eat cheese as an addition to something else so having spoonfuls of cream cheese is not the most exciting thing to do for someone like me. 

But it's gooooooooooood ;-)

I would say that the dishes I chose were really nice and the portions were just right for me that day - a nice kids meal, a nice sundae and a drink! But May's portions were too much for her to handle and she was so bloated at the end of our meal - she could barely even walk, not to mention enjoy the whole experience. I think it's because of their super extensive menu that people end up ordering more food than they should. This place isn't cheap as well and I wouldn't come back for a proper meal but I'll definitely be back to eat more of their lovely sundaes - they have many other flavours as well! 

All in all, it was a good time though. But honestly, I would suggest that they up their service standards.

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