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Friday, January 3, 2014

C A N D I D hahahahaha

Hello friends :-)

So the day before New Year's Eve (30 December 2013), I went out with Sarah to Orchard Central, which is the favourite hangout when the two of us are together. It seemed like ages since we last talked - which is actually factually inaccurate because she visited me at my workplace a few days ago if I'm not wrong but it was still a great catchup session nevertheless! 

There were two new cafés on the second floor and they didn't look like they'd get a lot of customers, which is a little sad so we decided to try one of them - the Central Hong Kong café, since the both of us weren't really in the mood for Western fare. I don't know, but recently I've been craving Asian food, especially when I'm outside. 

Birdcage lights 

The interior of the place does actually really look like something you'd see in an eatery in Hong Kong and also touches of Hong Kong streets itself with the signposts bearing street names. And well, the huge poster of Bruce Lee on the wall was a nice touch. 

B R U C E heh heh heh 

Anyway, the two of us ended up giving each other pouches of some sort. She actually knitted mine in yellow and sewed on the words "Princess Ju" on the front - which is really supposed to be a secret but I guess the secret that I have royalty in my veins is out now.

And I got her a watermelon because in Year Four (omg it feels so weird saying this), she had this food poisoning incident with watermelon juice but she still insisted on drinking it even after the terrible things she went through. So I started teasing her about her love for watermelons and this pouch was super apt and really cute too! It is apparently her wallet now. 

WATERMELON smile!!!!

Of course, we had food at the Hong Kong café! It was really quite disappointing though.

I ordered instant noodles because I used to love the ones sold at the Hong Kong café at Far East Plaza but the shop disappeared so I thought that this would satisfy my love for that one but it didn't and I was upset but it was edible I guess but nothing special - I mean, who can't cook instant noodles themselves?  

Sarah ordered duck on purpose but anyway hers was supposed to be fried rice but it ended up just being normal rice with two eggs on top, which was so weird and it was really dry according to her too. The duck was described as "crispy" but just looking at it from the photo, one can easily tell that it's not crispy at all.

Sarah and her duck :-( How could she?!

And of course, we had to order fried chicken! This one was in popcorn form, according to the menu and it was super dry and had such a strong garlic flavour. I guess it really explains why the waitress herself was shocked when we told her we weren't going to order drinks and even lamented "干干的", which directly translates to "dry dry one". 

Quite a nice bokeh shot though - even though the way I hold the pair of chopsticks is atrocious #badasian

It was not a very good meal, but it was very filling! Plus, it was relatively cheap. The prices can be compared to that of a food court so that's a plus point on their side. We headed outside soon afterwards to take photos with the Christmas decorations that haven't been taken down yet (yay for places like that!) 

Sarah in her Jaclyn-inspired outfit heh heh I was really amused :') 

I have no idea what this girl is doing but okay quite cute!!!

I think midi skirts are very difficult to wear because they make legs short :-( But this tulle one makes me feel like a princess so I actually really like it! 

We then headed to the Starbucks at 313 and decided to customize a drink. Somehow, the only times I customize drinks are when I'm with Sarah but anyway, I'm not sure if it's just me but asking the barista for something not on the normal menu makes me incredibly nervous. This time, we tried making a Snickers Frappuccino - start with a base of a Java Chip frappe, add toffee nut syrup, say yes to whipped cream and ask for caramel and mocha drizzles on top. 

It was really expensive with all the additional things - cost us $10.80 for a Venti! Plus it didn't even taste that great, though it did resemble a Snickers bar quite accurately with the chocolatey-nutty-caramel flavours all mixed together. 

Sarah with it heh :-) 

And meeeeeeeeee! 

To be honest, I'm not too sure if one is able to customize this drink now because you'll need the Christmas drinks to be still on sale as the Toffee Nut syrup from the Christmas toffee nut latte is needed to make this one. 

But anyway, it was a great day spent catching up with rahwongz (who changed her name on Instagram to something else which is so weird) and I have a feeling we'll be in the same class this year in JC, which will be quite cool and amazing :-) All the best to the both of us - I have a feeling we'll need it. 

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