Picnic: 1345

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello friends :-)

I've been wanting to blog about this for so long but I didn't manage to get hold of a computer for quite some time - so sorry for the delay! So yes, last Saturday (19 October), I attended Picnic: 1345 at the Singapore Management University with a few of my friends namely Shermaine, Sarah and Swan (wow they all have names starting with 'S'). 



And Swan! :-)

So what exactly is this picnic about? It's basically a picnic-cum-concert in support of World Vision Singapore, an organization that aims to tackle cases of poverty and injustice in many countries around the world. Similar to Watoto, which I've blogged about in the past, it also has a Sponsor-a-Child system that allows those more well-off to contribute in changing the lives of someone else across the globe. 

The money that we paid to attend this event ($15) went to the World Vision fund, after removing the cost used to organize the picnic. Food and drink was provided as well as entertainment for the entire day lasting from 4.30pm to around 7.30pm. The line-up includes Raffles Rock, Vanessa Faith, Jonathan Meur, amongst many others. 

I look really spazzy but okay yay with Sarah! :-)

The pains we take to take a group photo HAHA whenever I'm with this group of people, we do crazy embarrassing things like this. 

To be entirely honest, the turn out for the event was slightly disappointing and very unlike what I had previously envisioned the picnic to be like. I had imagined more people to be present and the atmosphere was slightly affected by the low turn out. However, I still had a great time because of the company I was with and it was quite a beautiful day just chilling with them. 

Oh and a side note: Kenny and Ben were there as well volunteering for the event and at first it was a little strange as I haven't seen them for such a long time but it was cool I guess - they just kept asking us to buy things (flowers, cupcakes etc.) to raise funds. 

HAPPY :-) 

Aww I realized the two of you are both wearing really similar blue shades! 

You Can Change This :-) Oh and it's called Picnic: 1345 because there's One Thousand Three Hundred and Fourty Five Million people living in poverty worldwide today. 

To be honest, I felt like the entire event didn't exactly revolve around the idea of changing the world or knowing more about where the proceeds from this picnic was going to but rather it was just a really casual chill-out event that could pass off for any other concert because it was really just music, apart from a bit of emceeing talking a little bit about poverty. I would have liked a little more insight about those things during the event and was slightly upset that it didn't serve such a purpose. 

Sarah & Swan collecting their food! 

Shermz & I! :-) 

The food that they provided! :-) A canned drink and some pastries which if I'm not wrong was sponsored by Montreux Patisserie. We each got a curry puff, a tuna puff, a brownie and a red velvet cupcake.

It was all really sweet stuff  (the savoury ones weren't all that savoury) and all of us were craving for chicken / other forms of "real food" throughout the entire picnic 

C U R R Y P U F F & bodyguards!!!

One of the performances for the day :-) 

Look at their Sarah & Swan's cute socks! They were wearing lovely skirts/ dresses as well - just look at that lovely lace from Swan's skirt (ahem forever 21 ahem)

Shermaine's favourite performance - Jonathan Meur!

It was quite funny because she was really charmed by him and even gave him a flower (that she bought from the volunteers that were selling) and took a photo with him after the performance - we went to look for him! :-) It was really cute and funny. 

Vanessa Faith :-) Her voice is really quite lovely. 

The peas that our next door neighbour (the ones sitting next to us in the picnic) gave to us. Extremely kind of them even though I don't like peas :') 

Shermaine's gift to Jonathan Meur, as mentioned earlier :-)

Before her little mission to brighten Jonathan's day (and her own as well, I believe) 

Raffles Rock! :-) I really liked them hehe because they sang "Royals" by Lorde, which is one of my favourite songs at the moment. 

Beautiful beautiful company - thank you for the lovely afternoon/ night!

AND Swan keeps moving....

Going drunk in the night :') I love us

Despite the event being a lot different from what I had expected (in a negative way), it was still an amazing day because of the wonderful company and I guess it's really the thought that counts. Although it wasn't the most well-organized thing ever, I really appreciate the heart behind it as I'm sure that the organizers really meant for it to be a meaningful picnic with all the proceeds going to a charitable organization. 

I'm still thankful to have been a part of this and I would definitely support it again. 

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