Sarah's Sixteenth

Thursday, September 26, 2013

As mentioned in the previous post, Sarah turned sixteen yesterday and it was quite an exciting day in general :-) The Boings decided to surprise Sarah in the morning since we'd all be split up into our various Options modules later in the day so the rest of us (excluding Shermaine and Sarah) headed to the canteen to get ready while Shermaine went to meet Sarah to supposedly go for "hot milo" in the canteen - we sometimes do that. 

While waiting for Sarah's arrival -

Phion! :-) 

Priya! :-) 

Swan! :-) 

Wang! :-) 

This photo is bad but it's me with the cake I baked :') 

And so Sarah finally came - yay she looks really happy :') Hopefully she was surprised! 

The candle failed to light up - we dragged the birthday song as long as we could possibly do it while Swan and I tried to light the candle up with matches. The matches did light up but the fans in the canteen extinguished it within seconds. 

The wasted matches! In the end, we still couldn't light up the candle - sorry Sarah! :-( 

And the cake is cut :-) 

Group photo with the Boings - thank you Yijing for helping us take the photo! 

And our natural faces! 

We didn't eat the cake immediately as we had to rush off for assembly in the morning so we saved it for recess/ lunch time. 

This looks quite cute! 

And the cake is devoured - so so happy that it was rather well received and that they actually managed to finish the cake; thank you Boings and thank you Sarah - really hope you liked it! 

After all the celebrations and Chinese class, I headed for my second Math Options class on Probablity and it was really fun because our teacher just gave us a whole packet of M&Ms - like one large pack per group of 5 people and what we did was to basically count how many M&Ms of each colour there was in each pack and calculate the probablity of picking a certain colour of M&Ms if you just reach into the bag and picked one. 

Counting didn't take too long so we spent the rest of the class eating the M&Ms - also because we had to unwrap everything, we couldn't bring the chocolates home conveniently and each of us had to eat at least 50 M&Ms there and then. 

Another group ended up making rainbows :-) 

I only had Math Options that day so I stayed in the library to sleep and read while I waited for Sarah as it was her birthday (evidently) and we decided to go to our favourite hang out - Orchard Central! When her options finally ended three and a half hours later, we headed there immediately. On my birthday this year, we went to the same place and ate the same things - it's kind of like comfort food for us.

EwF - skinny wings and original fries - one of the best combinations ever, although it might clog up your arteries because of the high salt content. 

Don't take a photo of me - I want to eat!

The birthday girl and her food :-) 

Yay I love how the fry is just there - great contrast against your pinafore hurhur and you have a neck! 

I find that EwF food is super salty and quite tasteless - it's really just salt but somehow I like it a lot because it just feels so unhealthy and it's a guilty pleasure :') 

After EwF, we walked around Somerset for awhile before heading back to Orchard Central for Cold Stone Creamery - we got Birthday Cake remix again; the exact same thing we got in February! 

The staff at Coldstone were rather strange though - they are usually warm and friendly but somehow, the service was quite bad and they didn't seem to understand what they were doing, which was disappointing. They didn't mix the brownie in properly into the ice cream as well, and mixing in toppings should be a Coldstone signature but they didn't do it well :-( 

Then again, ice cream is ice cream - so we were still very happy! 

Birthday girl with birthday cake remix :-) 

Coldstone - we actually saw two teachers from our school having ice cream there as well so it was a little bit awkward but we just ignored one another basically. 

This photo is quite cute - it's the giraffe that Priya gave Sarah that is facing an identity crisis because the tag attached onto is says that its name is "Waddles" and that it can swim fast but run slowly :-( Sarah thought that it was a leopard/ cheetah at first as well so this giraffe must be quite a confused one. 

Mmm satisfied :-) 

It was an amazing day spent well and I do hope Sarah enjoyed every bit of it, because she truly deserves it. 

Happy Birthday Sarah, once again! Thank you so much for being such an incredible person and even though you might not think of yourself this way, I think that you bring joy to a lot of people around you - you are so selfless all the time and are very nice. Trust me, I feel like I do actually know and understand you a lot and I think I'm in quite a good position to judge you as a person - you're fantastic! Support goes both ways - as much as you think that I have been your "rock", you have definitely encouraged and kept me going through everything that life threw to us these two years. I do admit that at the start it was difficult, because I felt like I couldn't help you at all and I used to be rather burdened but you've done it - and I'm so proud of you! :-) Thank you for always being by my side, for doing so much for me (such as getting your Waddle juniors to go for IHGs, just so you'd lighten my load of finding people) - have a great year ahead and trust me, I'll be with you every step of the way, really. 

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