On The MRT

Sunday, September 8, 2013

We were sitting on the first two seats of the carriage, me leaning against the glass panel while my mum was beside me. A man, greying hair dishevelled and wearing a plain white t-shirt, walked into the train with his eyes stoned, almost hypnotized. Eye-balling him, he looked vaguely familiar - something told me I met him before. He plopped himself down two seats away from my mum, proceeding to lift his legs onto the seats. Stretching himself out on the row of seats in a robotic-like manner, his head fell onto my mum's lap.

Everything that happened afterwards turned into a blur, a flurry of events that even I find difficult to recall.

Due to the strong impact of the man's head, my mum's body split into two halves. Fresh, wine-red blood flowed down the smooth, shiny plastic MRT seats, leaving a pool of blood on the floor. I could smell the freshness of the blood, almost pleasant in a strange way. Her head, torso and arms, in one piece, fell lengthwise onto the seat while her hip and legs, in another piece, slumped into the blood on the floor. The man was sitting upright again, seemingly unaffected - eyes starring straight into nothing, a blank expression plastered on his face. I turned my head to look around me - the other commuters seemed undisturbed at what just happened. In fact, they probably didn't even notice it, their eyes lacking a soul and carrying the same empty expression the man was wearing.

I looked at my mum's face - her eyes were closed shut and she was undoubtedly unconscious. As I grabbed onto her lower limbs, the train came to a stop and the doors slid open. Leaving her upper body lying on the seat, I dashed out of the MRT and heard "Doors closing...." as I rushed down the stairs of the station. I had no idea what station this was or where I was, even though the surroundings reminded me a bit of Braddell station. The only thing running through my mind was that I needed ice.

As I ran, her limbs seem to shrink, I could see her flesh, veins, blood and bones clearly through the area that it broke of. Its size suddenly seemed comparable to chicken parts. At the station, I spotted two young girls, happily slurping their huge cups of "Slurpees" which they purchased from the nearby 7-11 convenience store with their weekly allowance. I grabbed the cups from the both of them and dunked my mum's limbs into the flavoured, sugared ice slushy concoctions. I didn't care about the little girls at all - I just wanted to preserve my mum's limbs at that point in time with the cold of the drinks.

Then, a realization hit me. I had left my mum's upper body in the train and I had to get it back. Clutching the two cups tightly and almost denting the wax-paper cup, I hopped onto a cab and got the driver to drive me to the next train station. I can't remember what station it was, all I wanted to do was to get there quickly.

As we pulled into the station, I looked up and saw the train approaching it as well. I ran out of the car and dashed up the stairs. I made it into the train carriage and found my mum's upper body the same place I left it, untouched. Glancing at the commuters once more, they still had the same stone cold expression, void of all emotions. I carried my mum's body out of the train and onto the platform. Somehow, I found a way to carry her and the two "Slurpee" cups. There happened to be a phone installed on the train platform and I took the receiver. The numbers printed on the buttons starred at me. Oh gosh, I thought, what's the number to dial for the ambulance? Is it 995?

I punched the three numbers. Hard

"Press 1 for non-emergencies. Press 2 for..."

"Argh what the actual f***?!!" and I slammed down the receiver.

Then, I woke up.

Yes, I'm sorry for such a strange post but I had this dream when I was taking a nap three days ago. It's such a weird thing to dream about and somehow when I was in it, I was surprisingly calm about everything happening around me even though I wasn't sure if it was real life or not. It's one of the first times that I can remember my dream so vividly though and I wanted to share the weirdness of everything. It could make for a good story.

Alright, I hope everyone has sweet dreams, unlike mine :-) Goodbye!

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