National Day 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy 48th Birthday, Singapore! :-)

Stay young and beautiful amazing because you never fail to make me so proud of being a Singaporean every single day - no matter what people say, I know that I can always count on this country and no matter how dumb Singaporeans can be sometimes, always complaining and always rushing, above all we're all really intelligent people (because of our crazy education system HAHA okay maybe not -) and I think we are very capable of doing great things! 

With National Day comes the annual NDP Celebrations in school, which was held on Wednesday, 7 August 2013 and it's my last NDP in RGS ever :-( Somehow the atmosphere during NDP celebrations in this school feels absolutely amazing, and everyone is really high-spirited and that's something I will miss very much! It also marked the second last time I will be part of SIMU leading cheers in front of the school and it's quite sad to think about that :-( 

(photo credits: Mr Leong!) 

Unfortunately, my class wasn't selected to perform for NDP this year but it was incredible seeing my batchmates perform and it was truly crazy because I saw a side of some that I have never seen before and it was thoroughly entertaining :-) 

Here's the same photograph, but this time it's filtered black white and red! :')

Somehow, there's something about school events this year but like SLI, the wet weather plan had to be activated :-( It started raining halfway through the amphitheatre programme and we all had to make our way to the hall. I thought that it was wonderful that most, if not all of us actually stayed in the rain to finish watching 407's performance before we ran for shelter because I think it would have meant a lot to me if I was the one on stage performing. 

The rain didn't dampen our moods and community singing felt insane - none of us cared about our image or how we looked; we just belted out tunes and crooned our love for Singapore in the hall. I'm not sure but I think it's something to do with being a Year Four and knowing that this is the last time we can behave so wildly without having to be self conscious. 

After NDP Celebrations, we had the last House Comm Combined General Meeting of the year. I know, somehow my posts recently have been about "last's" but I suppose it's inevitable and no matter how much I dislike it, it's something I'd have to accept. 

I think this is quite an amusing photo of Karyn and myself during Year Two House Comm Induction Ceremony :') (Thank you Alex for the GM photos!) Nevertheless, I think Waddle House Comm 2014 is very blessed to have such passionate new Year Two (Year Threes next year!) House Commers and I really wish I had the opportunity to work with them more because this batch is really wonderful! 

Last speech to House Comm 2013 from Channel 5 as Channel 5 :-( 

After GM, Channel 5 decided to head for lunch + a quick catch up & hang out session together! Minglu didn't join us though, as she had lunch with her Richardson House Comm :-(

Channel 4 at the bus stop :-) 

On our way to food yay! :-) 

We had lunch at one of my favourite places - EwF at Orchard Central! One would be able to find me at Orchard Central very often because it's my favourite place in Singapore ever apart from my own house I tihnk! It doesn't seem like a shopping mall at all because it's always so zen and peaceful :-)

Mel & Huiying! 

With Van! :-) (and yes if any of you are wondering, I did indeed chop off my long locks for some shorter ones)

Gongcha green tea & strawberry yoghurt (whoop I wanted to get high that day and got 80% sugar; I usually get 0% heh though a long time ago, I used to get 100%!!!! #healthyliving101, kids!) 

Artery clogging salt drowned fries and chicken wings! :-)
But I love it. 

Also, I had great great company.
Who could ask for more, really? :')

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