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Friday, July 19, 2013

It's just goodnight and not goodbye; 
credits to Mich Zhu 

Tying my Guides scarf into a reef knot and pinning the trefoil on in my classroom, the surreal thought hit me. This was the last time I'd be donning this scarf. The same exact mustard yellow scarf that got me through my Brownie days since Primary three when I was nine up till the end of my Guiding days now, at the "ripe" old age of sixteen. Seven years of being a part of this Guiding movement and it was finally time to bid farewell. From the messy knot I first did, fondly called a "cabbage" by my primary school friend and fellow Brownie, to the neat, ironed knot I am able to tie now, it was funny how it reflected growth and development, person and scarf knot alike.

Truth be told, I am not an outdoors person - I do not particularly enjoy all the activities we do as Guides - outdoor cooking, tent pitching, axemanship, gadgets, the list goes on. These activities are not enjoyable, but that's exactly why I like them. Tackling challenging tasks together as a batch, as a Guides company or as a patrol is what brings us closer, what ties us together, what makes us more bonded. I make some of the most amazing friends through my Brownie days and the same applies being in Guides. 

What exactly do Girl Guides do? To be honest, I never really knew. We are truly much more than a Uniformed Group or a co-curricular activity. A lot of us fail to realize this, and perhaps more so for the juniors and we tend to question why we do certain things we do in Guides sessions. Sometimes it seems stupid memorizing say, emergency telephone numbers and getting tested for it but through it all, Guides is indeed a worldwide movement to develop young girls into great people with qualities such as leadership and self-confidence. We don't do things that focus exactly on such things, but the activities we have do actually build up these qualities in us, really. 

I remember someone asking me why Guides somehow produces so many leadership holders in school and though I don't see positions as a testament to one's leadership abilities, it was true how Guides did indeed do that. Laura in 2011, Aye Mon in 2012 and of course Shannon, Minghui and Agatha in 2013 (the head prefect streak kinda got busted by my batch but we have two House Captains haha I hope that works too?). Though I can't quite answer that question, but for me, being a part of this Guides movement has shaped a huge part of my life and the way I do certain things. 

So, I have finally stepped down officially with the Striping Ceremony held on Thursday, 18 July 2013 :') It was bittersweet but it was an amazing day. 

My very last patrol corner with 02 Ixora after four years :')

(this photo is actually quite a good example of what goes on during patrol corners for the past year - me being ridiculous trying to entertain them and them laughing!)

Patrol corners are one of the best parts of being in Guides - you get to hang out with Guides from different levels and it's really a family within a family. 

We then proceeded with the Striping Ceremony and it was very heartening to see the Year Twos and Threes get into their new roles. I passed on my Patrol Leader position to Rachel and I'm so so so proud of her. She was so scared and nervous during patrol corner, worried that she'd be transferred to another patrol but I'm so happy to pass on this responsibility to her. Jiayou Rachel! :-) 

After the Striping Ceremony, we had Farewell for Year Fours in the AVA room :') 



The new Company Leaders for 2014! :') I'm very sure that they'll bring Guides to amazing amazing heights and I'm so proud of them, Tricia, Ching Wei and Shiyun! Congratulations guys :') 

We then proceeded to performances - this year the batches all sang for us HAHA and it was really strange being in the position of the Year Four at last! I didn't really know how to react but thank you kids! 

Year Ones! 

Year Twos! 

Year Threes! 

"Ella ella ella aey aey aey under my umbrella" 

From 13atch, we screened this video for the whole of Guides :') Which made me tear up quite a bit and here it is; thank you for all the memories. The message from 13atch starts from 07:15 of the video if you're interested!

CAM - CLs of 2013, Minyie, Ailica and Mae, who have done such a wonderful wonderful job leading Guides this year - I'm so proud of the three of you and I really couldn't ask for better CLs! Thank you for making the entire batch so so so happy to work with the three of you, now go take a rest please (these three kids did an all-nighter the day before Striping sigh they are amazing)

02 Ixora :') 
Sam, Rasyiqah, Rachel, Me, Jessica, Tricia, Wei Xuan & Misha being sane...

... and slightly insane (or maybe it's just me!)

Yay with Rachel and Tricia :') Shall let 02 Ixora thrive under their new PL, Rachel and of course, the entire Guides family will look up to Tricia, their new CL! So proud of these two little kids from my patrol - they have finally grown up! 

J E S S I C A!!! This ridiculous girl, we've gotten so much closer this year through Annual Assembly and 02 Ixora and even though I don't see you all the time during Guides, you are quite amazing :') Thanks for always being there, through Math, through Guides and through retarded times. 

B14ATCH! :') This is such a candid but nice photo! 

Mynah 2011 :') 03 Mynah was the patrol that first welcomed me and is the patrol that I stayed in for three good years in Guides before transferring to 02 Ixora in Year Four. There are really no words to describe the amazing times I've spent in this patrol because is holds such a special place in my heart. 
Yulin, Sabrina, myself and Michelle! :') 

Michelle, Fatima, Jessica, Vanessa, myself and Shar! 

After Striping, a few of 13atch headed to Dhoby Ghaut for dinner together! :') It was supposed to be a batch dinner but so many couldn't make it and it was reduced to six people. It was cozy and felt amazing though. We ate at Just Acia at Dhoby Ghaut Xchange YAY for free-flow ice cream and drinks heh. 

Pan Wen, Shar and Michelle! :') 

Jing En, myself and Valerie! :')
By coincidence, we sat by House (on one side we had Waddlians and the other Tarbetians!)

Artistic (; 

And here are some photos of the food we had! 

Look at that ice cream! The top looks like it's going to drip anytime soon. 

Last photo of us for the beautiful night. 

03 Mynah and 02 Ixora :') 
They will always hold a special palace in my heart. 

Finally, thank you everyone who wrote letters and cards to me and got me gifts :') It is truly heartening and I appreciate every single one of you. There were so many amazing things written in it and I can't believe that I've made such a huge impact on all of you. It means so much to me and it truly makes this entire journey so worthwhile and fulfilling, knowing that I have impacted someone else other than myself. 

For the last time, 

I promise to do my best
To do my duty to God 
To serve my country 
And help other people
And to keep the Guides/ Brownie Law 

Thank you for the memories, thank you for the experience and thank you for the growth. The Guiding movement and spirit will be one that stays with me forever, really. 

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