Addams Family Musical

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello there :-) 

Yesterday (27 July) was such an amazing amazing day with great company - I watched The Addams Family Musical with Melissa Tang and Isabelle Neo (I don't really know her actually) and went for the MP3 experiment! I shall split my day into two posts though, the musical (which would be this post) and the MP3 experiment which I will be blogging about later on this week.

Mel invited me to watch The Addams Family musical with her and her dad because her dad had extra tickets! :') I'm so blessed to have friends who actually think of me in such situations and it was an incredible musical, thank you so much Mel! 

The musical was held at the Festive Grand Theatre at Resorts World Sentosa and I've never been to this theatre before (only been to the the Marina Bay Sands one) so this was quite an eye-opening experience for me. We caught the matinee show and we had VIP seats - ahh I really cannot thank Mel and her dad enough; the seats were really spacious and comfy and we had such a great view of the stage! 

Mel :-)

(I look horrible in this photo HAHA but it was the only photo we took so sacrifices have to be made)
Isabelle, Mel and myself! :-) 

Overall, I thought that it was a pretty entertaining show and personally, it was quite a nice blast to my own past because I used to watch The Addams Family series on television a lot. It was quite an iconic part of my childhood though I can't exactly remember the characteristics of the show - the only thing I remembered of it was that Gomez Addams (the dad of the family) always kissed Morticia Addams (the mum) up her arm in a very humorous and dramatic fashion. 

As with every musical I watch, I was blown away by the live singing, dancing and acting that these theatre artistes are able to do. Honestly, how do they do it? Actresses focus on just acting, singers focus on just singing and dancers focus on just dancing but these people are able to do all three at the same time. I think it's crazy how talented they are and I'm always so envious at what these people can do though at the same time they must have a crazy amount of determination - so much respect for them!

The musical was a great experience but I thought that it deviated a bit from the original television series - the themes of the show are still there but I thought that the plot was written solely for the sake of the musical because it wasn't quite like a story that would be made into a television show (which is probably the case) and it irked me a little that Wednesday Addams (the daughter of the family) has grown up and fallen in love because when I watched the TV series, she was just a little girl. 

Then again, I saw myself in her and it hit me in a heart-wrenching way as well; the idea of growing up is so difficult to accept but is always so real and it is happening to all of us. Seeing how Gomez Addams was trapped between his daughter and his wife also struck a chord with me because I saw my family within theirs and it's funny to think how my parents would react when I find love outside of my family :') 

After the musical, I spent a while walking around Resorts World Sentosa waiting for another event to start - the MP3 experiment, which I will blog about another day :-) It was another wonderful experience and I'm so blessed for such an incredible Saturday! 

Once again, thank you Mel! :-) 

(If any of you are interested in watching The Addams Family musical, I'm sorry to tell you that it has very unfortunately ended its run in Singapore's Festive Grand Theatre today - they will still be touring other parts of Asia though, if I'm not wrong :-))

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