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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello there (-:

The haze has gotten really really really bad here in Singapore, especially during the period of these two days (yesterday and today) with the haze hitting the Pollutants Standard Index of 371 at 1pm today, an all time high throughout Singapore's haze history. This is nothing to brag about (in fact it is quite a silly decision though I regret nothing about it) but I went out the entire day today, when the haze was at a 'hazardous' level. 

In the morning, I had to meet the Dwen An kids as we had a meeting with the in-charge from the Senior Activity's Centre which we were going to work with for the Taiwanese's trip here in July. It was terribly hazy and unconducive for proper work to be done though :-(

That aside, I met Christina at Holland Village later in the afternoon for our holiday-fats-getting-session! We always like to lepak at pretty cool places and eat. I love food and I kinda like Chris? So today was good despite the hazy haze haze. I have never been to Holland Village before but I have always wanted to go so I was very glad Chris suggested the place (it was near her house too so yes) and I think I'm going to go there quite often now - they have amazing speciality baking shops selling baking things that I see online but never ever know where to purchase. Now I know and I am very grateful for this new found knowledge (':

We headed to The Daily Scoop for ice cream first! It was my first time there as well (sorry bbs, I'm not a Holland V person - my only memory of this place stems solely from the local 2003 Chinese drama series I used to watch as a young kid) 

Interior walls (': 

 Yay pretty Chris with her two ice creams (ok la, one of it was mine HAHA) 

 I really really like ice cream (':

Just sitting in the shop with ice cream made me very very happy! The interior design was clean yet cute at the same time and I really liked my ice cream flavour as well. I had 'Salted Mister Brown' - yes I really like salty and sweet things in ice cream (like my Salted Caramel) and this one wasn't caramel but chocolate, which was quite a good combination - I really liked it! The salt wasn't overpowering at all so that was good. Christina got 'Sensual Tiramisu" and according to The Daily Scoop website, you're supposed to "be enamored... captivated... enchanted" and judging by Christina's joyous face, I think it served it's purpose heh heh (-;

We then went exploring Holland V (all the baking shops I AM SUCH A HAPPY KID) and here are some photos! I'm not sure if the place was empty because of the haze or because it's usually like that but if it's a usual occurrence, I think I really like the place! Peaceful and tranquil places are pretty rare in fast-paced Singapore :-( 

 Pretty Chris in her pretty dress (-: 

... slightly sane

not anymore! (-: 

There were many unoccupied shops there though, which I thought was fairly surprising because I thought Holland V is a very good place to set up businesses (maybe I'm wrong)

 Yay (-: 

 The most horrible shot (we both didn't know what to do so we decided to act like gangsters)

Demure (-;  

There were many many atas eateries there though, but a lot of them were literally empty. Then again, it wasn't dinner time and the haze situation was bad as well. 

Afterwards, we spotted a shop and I realized that it was Phoon Huat, the baking speciality shop that I have been looking for for ages because it has really affordable and amazing baking equipment and products but I never really tried looking for the shop before so stumbling upon it today was a really good surprise!  

 The cupcake liners sold there were comparatively cheaper than those sold outside and much much prettier! I'm not too sure about the quality though but the cute designs there were half the price of plain designs that I normally use and such cute designs at spotlight would cost much higher (I got around 380 cute blue mermaid cupcake liners at $3.60 and Spotlight sells around 20 liners for $7+). I just hope these liners won't disappoint me (-:

Happykid97 with her cupcake liners (got a cupcake box as well hurhur) 

 Chris (again hurhur) (-:

After walking around, we decided to seek refuge from the hazy air around and head to Wendy's to have dinner! (-: 

 (the sky actually looks quite clear. but NO) 

We both got the Kids' Meal! (-: I got it first because I wasn't hungry at all (it was only around 5.30pm then and I had a pretty filling lunch plus ice cream) and I think Chris was taken in by the cute paper bag which my meal came in (the staff packed it so lovingly seriously, even the way they folded down my paper bag)

 The toy was quite disappointing though, it was just this weird "Spooky Secret Decoder" where we looked through red cellophane paper and could read secret messages on the provided activity sheet. It was however, still pretty cool and I can see why kids would like it (-: 

Hurhur alien Chris (-; 

Happy, full (and fat) kids (-: 

Thank you Chris for today - was very nice being able to catch up with you over food (of course) and I like how we are able to understand each other most of the time! Thanks for being an amazing friend, one of my closest friends not just in Guides but in RG as well; and I love the fact that I'm able to talk to you about anything, really (-:

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