Friday, March 15, 2013

I am getting increasingly lazy to write on this space, yet at the same time I still want to compile my thoughts and also have a record of what I've done. If only I had something that can immediately transfer what I'm thinking to words, although my mind is usually in a constant jumble of things, so transferring what I'm thinking to written words might not be a good idea.

This past week - despite having an asthma attack and following that a bout of fever and flu - has been amazing. It was the last week leading up to the March Holidays, and for my school, we had an entire week of Learning Journeys, where we ventured out of the classroom to have fu- I mean, learn things. Before I touch on that, the previous week was pretty amazing too, with House Comme (House Comm Camp!) on 8-9 March

I shall not dive into the little details of what we did during the camp but this was the first time House Comm had an overnight camp and personally for me, it's one of the best camps I have ever attended. Ever. Thank you so much Take 5 (Captains'12) for taking time out of your crazy JC schedules to organize this for us! It was a really enriching experience for me personally :)

Yay Jing En!!! 

We had telematch (station games) on the first day, for bonding purposes, but I was a station mistress, which was pretty fun too! 

After that, we had a Public Speaking Workshop, dinner, bath time and... MOVIE TIME (': 

Channel 5 after our baths (': 

We watched the movie 'Brave' in the KS Chee in our sleeping bags, with popcorn and a ton of other unhealthy junk food - it felt amazing and it was such a good opportunity for us to let loose and relax, considering that it was LJ week the next week and we should all be good to ourselves after surviving a term doing work together! Honestly, it's been a while since I felt so happy and Channel 5 was just laughing through the entire movie even though it wasn't the funny parts because for one, it was one of the only times we could be in each other's company for something non work-related. And trust me, it felt great! 

The next day, Hi 5 (Captains'10) came to speak to us and I myself got very excited because Hi 5 were MY Captains - like when I was a little Year One so it felt really surreal to me that they were now speaking to us. I felt like we have all truly grown up from the tiny tots we were to who we are now, being the seniors to our own Year Ones. Hi 5's talk was really the main highlight of the entire camp - no, not because they were Hi 5 - but really, the content of what they told us really impacted me. 

To me, I've always used Hi 5 as a comparison to all the other groups of captains I've witnessed - Click 5, Take 5, and of course, Channel 5 - and to me, Hi 5 was always the best. In my eyes, they were perfect, they were my role models. From a Year One's perspective, they always looked like they had everything under control, that they knew what they were doing and that they were all so incredibly charismatic. For Channel 5,  we tried to emulate them and would sometimes wonder if we ourselves had "Hi 5 vibes" and wondered why everything seemed to breeze through so easily for them. Through the talk though, they shared with us the many challenges and obstacles they faced during their term and it was then I realized that they had it tough as well - things didn't come naturally, they had to push for it and the fact that they were able to hide their problems so well was very inspiring for myself. For me personally, I should try to do that more because I tend to let my emotions show which isn't good for the people whom I'm working with/ leading. It takes a dip at everyone's morale which serves no useful purpose. 

For that, thank you Hi 5 for being the best captains I had and for the amazing talk that really gave me a good insight of what you guys faced and overcame! (': Thank you Yirong! 

Afterwards, we had an Outreach Activity at Botanic Gardens where we aimed to brighten people's days with these cute little pegs and inspiring quotes! 


To end off, here's Waddle House Comm 2013! Thanks so much for being the best House Comm I can ever ask for. I'll definitely work harder as a Captain - this camp has taught me so much - and let's make the rest of House 2013 an amazing one!

Right, so that was last week. This week, we had Learning Journeys, as I mentioned earlier and we got to go to The Army Museum, Bukit Brown Cemetery and JB, Malaysia! Going to Malaysia and seeing how the Malaysian Government plans to redevelop the Iskandar region was pretty eye-opening for me; although my evaluation of their development plans aren't all that favourable. That shall be saved for a Social Studies lesson. Anyhow, the trip was a good one though - it was fun filled and that's really all that matters, really :) I shall just let the pictures do the talking! 

Priya, Swan, Phionna, Sarah, Wang You and me in the school hall! 

My bus buddy - Sarah! 

First up, we went for a heritage walk around the JB area

Then, we headed to a Chinese heritage museum!  

 And, the much awaited and needed lunch! :) It was pretty good! 

Then, we headed to this museum-like place where they presented their plans for developing Iskandar to us. Many people were sleeping and not really paying attention (I mean, we just had such a hearty meal :D) but for me, I was just really sceptical about most of the things presented. No hard feelings, though - it's just my personal opinion :) I think that's probably why the school wanted to bring us there anyway, 

 Then, we headed to their Parliament House - but Malaysia's so large, so they have a few if I'm not wrong and this is just the JB one! 

They actually allowed us to enter the Parliament hall where they have their actual Parliament sittings. It reminded me a lot of my Moot Parliament experience last year where we got to enter Singapore's  Parliament House. Security was tighter in Singapore though, we weren't allowed to take photos and could only only view the hall through the gallery. According to the guide, we entered by the entrance meant only for the Sultan and the Speaker of Parliament. We were pretty honoured, yet at the same time it was a little strange that they allowed us to do so. 

Then we headed back to Singapore! :) The other Learning Journeys were pretty ordinary hurhur (actually it was just the Army Museum because I was sick when my class was supposed to go to Bukit Brown Cemetery)

Right, it's the March Holidays now - I'm really going to take this time to reflect on how I've done in Term 1 in all aspects - as a person, as a student, as a leader and there's so much I think I can improve on. 

Relax, reflect, recharge. 
yes, that shall be my goal this March hols. 

Have a good one, everyone!  :) 

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