Monday, January 28, 2013

Apologies for not posting for quite some time - Year Four has been insanely insanely busy, but I'm actually loving every single bit of it, it has been quite enjoyable so far!

Shall put on hold my academic learning for a while though, because I'm flying off to Taiwan tomorrow morning! I'm heading to participate in a Dwen An Leadership Camp with three other leadboard representatives from my school - Tiff Chan from PB, Yijing from PSB and Lei Rong from Congress! (I'm representing House by the way) Oh yes, and four other dudes from RI too. It's my first time going on an overseas trip without my parents and I'm really quite excited about the prospect of it :)

It's really a time to step out of my comfort zone - meeting new people plus having to converse in my Mother Tongue (which I'm not really good at, I must add). To help myself achieve the most I can achieve in this one-week journey, I have written down goals that I intend to fulfil everyday of my time in Taiwan. I really hope that I'd be able to attain these self-set goals and learn something truly meaningful at the end of it all. To do that, I would really have to push myself to the limit and I'm pretty excited to try that since I'm really quite an introvert at heart (':

Go forth, Li Yin. Explore.

I'm a little apprehensive at the stack of homework I would have accumulated at the end of the trip though. When I come back, hardcore teacher-consulting sessions shall be the way to go! Oh yes, I'm really excited for IHG Opening Ceremony too - so glad I'll be present for it :) 

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