Friday, August 17, 2012

The day before yesterday was such an eventful eventful day, I don't even know whether to consider it a good or bad day

Started the day out with Philosophy PPA, which was the least of my concerns to be honest. I finished my paper and slept through the entire duration afterwards - probably the first time I slept in class (I never ever sleep during lessons and I'm pretty proud of that). I was in such a deep slumber that I even had a nice dream. So glad I took a nap as my day was going to be extremely long!

After the exam, my Guides batch started cleaning out the Guides Room - more specifically, the punk section. The punk section is most probably the worst portion of the entire room, as it constitutes the heaviest and dirtiest items. As an ex-QM, the messiness of  the Guides Room was not something I was foreign to and my batch definitely got down and dirty. We cleared out so much rotten and unusable punk from the room, which was something myself and the other ex-QMs, Mae and Minyie have always wanted to ever since we took on the role last year but we couldn't because the seniors always told us to keep them in case. It felt really good being able to make decisions on our own! (':

It was pretty epic when Michelle Zhu and myself went to dispose large bags of heavy punk into the main garbage collection area of my school with a huge and extremely heavy trolley. We realized how wheelchair unfriendly our school was, which is pretty bad. We practically wheeled the punk across the middle of the school carpark, with me being very paranoid about getting caught doing something so incredibly dangerous. When we finally disposed the punk away (really sorry green men for all the holes in our garbage bags, it must be really difficult to clear our rubbish and thank you so very much!), we had to wheel the trolley back to the Guides room. One might think that a trolley clear of punk might be a trolley that is light but well, we soon realized that it wasn't the case. The two of us noobs were trying so hard the wheel the trolley up a few steps, making so much noise by laughing at how weak I was - actually everything was really my fault, I had no muscles and made the most noise. Mr Evans, from the fourth floor of the Science block heard our laughter and screams and asked us if we needed any help. That was such an incredibly nice offer but making him come down all the way from upstairs would be a little too much, so we just declined his offer and continued struggling, to eventual success (:

My batch managed to make the punk section look a lot better than before and it's much more convenient to search for the punk that we need now! Ms Lee kept laughing at the "black" faces and uniform Minyie and I sported, probably due to all the grime and dirt from the punk and the worst thing was that both of us had something on after Guides Room cleanup. It was so funny - QMs always get the dirtiest in such circumstances. When we went to wash our faces, the water was all black - it was so amusing (': Afterwards, when the other batches came down to do their part for the Guides Room after their exams, I retired to the tables and tried doing some homework but failed to be productive. It was hilarious with Pan Wen, Fatima and Mae! We were all wondering what the juniors were thinking of us - if we were them, we would probably have been very angry at the seniors as we were doing nothing and just slacking at the tables because they didn't see us doing work before they came (: We spent time talking about our junior batches which was very entertaining! After all the work, the Guides room was really neat!

I still had to wait for a few hours till my House Captain meeting with Take 5 and New 5 and couldn't do much because I didn't have any laptops. To add to that, I was freaking out about whether I'd be able to finish my Lit PT that was due the very next day because the meeting was to start at 7pm and well, no one knows how late it will end. I had finished my own poem (which to be honest, I was pretty proud of!) but I was in charge of designing the anthology for my group which was rather important!

The meeting went pretty smoothly with pretty good food (: House meetings always leaves me with a positive vibe because I just feel like there's so much I can do and so much I want to do. It ended at a little later than 8.30pm. I rarely ask my Dad to fetch me from school but I was rather desperate and panicky about my Lit PT so I asked him if he was free and I'm so glad he was because when we reached our neighbourhood, we realized  that all the streetlamps were not on. No, actually, the whole neighbourhood was in darkness. No, not just darkness, in fact, it was blackness. The only thing that guided us on was the car's headlights. If I had taken public transport home, I wouldn't know how to walk back to my House as my phone was already soon-to-be out of battery and the light wouldn't even be able to act as a flashlight for myself. Yes, in other words, the entire neighbourhood was experiencing a blackout.

Neighbours were going around with torchlights and guiding my Dad and I - despite my fears, everything felt warm and friendly! When I reached home, my mum and brother were relying on candles - it was a pretty funny sight. It was the first time in my life having such an experience and well, what good timing! The lack of electricity majorly freaked me out - I was so afraid that electricity wouldn't come back that night and I wouldn't be able to print out my group's PT. To add to that, it's so rare that I come home so late on a weeknight and I had practically nothing done - I couldn't take a shower or do anything.

My house ran out of candles (yes we only have one torchlight btw), so my mum took out solid fuel! It was quite amusing but I'm proud that Guides and OBS made me buy so much solid fuel (': It came into good use afterall!

Soon, the electricity came back on and I could hear the whole neighbourhood cheering (': The atmosphere was so warm - everyone was truly helping one another: we had neighbours we never ever knew leading us back to safety, neighbours informing my dad that he forgot to switch his car's headlights off etc. It's really through this sort of "crisis" that people truly come together and kindness is genuinely felt. "Only in darkness comes light", literally.

And if you were wondering, yes I did finish the Lit PT in time and I was pretty proud of it!

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