Monday, August 6, 2012

Apologies for not posting as often as I would have liked - every time I see my blog hits remain relatively high even though I have not posted anything new makes me feel extremely bad. I wish there was some sort of machine that could simply translate my thoughts into words without me having to lift a finger. 

The past week has been rather emotional and mind-boggling. Actually not the week, rather, just Thursday. Why do interesting events take place all at once. If only everything was spread out - my life would be much more entertaining and I would perhaps have a little bit more motivation to open my eyes every single day.

So, on Thursday, Student Leaders' Investiture 2012 took place. It was an event that personally meant a lot to me because for one, it's THE Investiture where I'd get to see my batch stepping up for real. It's quite strange having all the investees come from your very own batch and it's inevitable to have flashbacks from the first day our batch stepped into the school - so insecure, so afraid of everything that laid ahead of us. And now, we're becoming the seniors, the leaders of the school, working together to (as cliche has this might sound) leave a legacy as a 13atch together.

For me, it was definitely a milestone as I was to be invested as Waddle Captain for the year 2013 and also as a prefect once again. To be given the responsibility of leading Waddle and House just felt extremely surreal as I knew how much I loved House and how much I was willing to do for House and to be given this platform felt like a dream come true, honestly. I really hope that by doing my best for House in 2013, I won't let anyone down.

The handover ceremony was so crazy - Take 5 spent so much thought into their gifts for us (': And really, it's not just their gifts but throughout the entire year, they have truly been such wonderful mentors and I can't thank them enough, especially YOU, Louisa! (You're probably reading this considering how much you know about my life without me telling you) Thank you so much for always being there, always being so supportive and really just giving me so much more confidence to do what I believe in.

And Fiducia! Wow we'll be the seniors of the Prefectorial Board soon. No words can express how proud I feel when occasionally realization strikes that the Head Girl of RGS comes from my batch. Being a prefect is definitely no easy task and sometimes I admit that I might fall short of the many expectations that come along with being part of this board but I've grown to realize that being a prefect isn't about being perfect. Thank you for all the support you have given me, Fidu, even if I might not be the most involved batchmate you have.

SLI was such a memorable and meaningful event, 13atch let's do this (:

On the same day, I had Guides session which I felt was incredibly important as well. Kim, our CL from when we were sec one, came back to talk to my batch about certain issues which are perhaps too sensitive to post here. Looking at her, I realized how far we have come, from being those immature and ignorant sec ones to becoming the ones taking over the CCA and it just scares me, how time passes so quickly. I thought what Kim said was really really true, and I really hope that my batch will remain united and lead Guides together, not as individuals, not as CLs/ PLs/ etc but really as an entire batch.

Becoming a Sec Four Guide essentially also means dealing with the prospect of trying out for the President's Guide Award, something that I have always put off and never really thought about (no idea why actually). However, I'm really starting to toy with the thought of going for it because it seems like a wonderful experience and opportunity. Guides means so much to me and the passion I have for it is comparable to that of House. As a Brownie in Primary School, I had attained the Brownies equivalent of the PGA - it was called the Chief Commissioner's Badge and I really enjoyed the process of going through the interviews and tests as a young girl. However, what's holding me back is really the amount of commitments I will have to deal with next year.

Oh decisions. I seem to be facing many crossroads in recent months.
If only life was one straight path.
Although that'd be horribly dry and boring.

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