Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guess who saw Xiaxue? :D 

Before going to school to report for the Social Studies Learning Journey, I met Wang You and Phionna at Orchard and we headed to Pepper Lunch (which was so good!) to have lunch. It was quite a fun (yet fruitful) lunch session. It's nice hearing more opinions on the various stuff I have been thinking so much of, such as the House system in RGS. I really have a lot to say about it, but I'm still trying to think of solutions. It's such a complicated matter and I hate to say this, but I really don't know how perceptions will change. 

Anyway, SS LJ at Boat Quay  was incredibly fun. We just had to go around Boat Quay and observe the surroundings in groups (my group's Phionna, Yan Ling and myself!) and we could stop and take a break at the eateries or rather, where most of us went, Mcdonalds. 

Our school requested permission for us to enter Fullerton Hotel to view their Heritage Gallery. I think it was quite a nice gesture of them to allow these secondary school kids into their six star hotel because we were in clear view of the hotel guests (who were all smartly dressed in suits, and dresses and sipping their high class coffee and taking ladylike bites of their pretty macaroons and discussing important business stuff with one another) and it probably didn't really look good on them, but well, all in the name of Education! Since this is a Social Studies Learning Journey, well, Fullerton Hotel definitely isn't an effective common space, it's so exclusive. 

Then, my group went to approach Mr Lim and Mr Yeo rergarding some statues of  Deng Xiaoping, Ho Chi Minh among other countries' people that are located near the sides of the Singapore River and they started talking and explaining so much additional information which really struck me. Firstly, I actually felt really special and honoured that they were just talking to my group but besides that, what they said was truly inspirational, especially this sentence (or rather the meaning) that will probably remain with me forever: "They were your forefathers." I'm terribly vague but really, look around Singapore River. What we see is really the "good" side of everything. Did Singapore really preserve our heritage?

Alright, enough of Social Studies. 

So, we were released early and Ragini and I decided to get Starbucks. Then, when we were walking around, we saw Xiaxue, Singapore's #1 Blogger! With her striking pink hair and everything (: Both of us loved her videos - the Guide to Life series and her blog's really enjoyable as well. We were really hesitant to go up to her to ask for a photograph because we had no guts at all. We were afraid that she was busy or in a hurry so we just followed her for a while (like creepy stalkers!) But we didn't really want to regret the opportunity and so when she was queuing up for a cab, we went nearer to her and I had this sudden surge of courage so I said "Hi Xiaxue! Can we take a photograph with you?" 

She was so friendly and approachable, immediately agreeing with a "Sure!" 

That was probably the highlight of my day. I'm not crazy about her or anything, I just really enjoy her super funny and straightforward personality in her videos (not to mention how much I admire her openness and willingness to share experiences) and her blogposts! 

Had this fuzzy feeling as I walked away. 

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