Sunday, March 4, 2012

(hehe this post is going to contain photos not taken by me, so thanks so much to the relevant people for their cameras! 8D)

This week has actually been really good (': 
really really good, to be honest. much better if you compare it to the stuff that had happened so far this year.

I'm so glad it's Learning Journey week next week - no real school -  and March Holidays the week after. It's going to be a good time to take a breather and really think about what has happened the past term and focus on how I will be able to improve myself. Not that my March Holidays will be anything close to rest - I have two back to back camps, PB Board Camp and Guides March Camp spanning from the 12th to 17th March together. I just hope that the two camps will allow me to relax and reflect as well (: I will definitely be really exhausted though.

I think that part of the reason why this week has been so amazing was because it was SPIRIT WEEK - a week in RGS leading up to Founder's Day that is filled with cool initiatives and the days are namely Be Yourself Day (where we are allowed to wear home clothes!), Class Spirit Day, House Day (which ahem I planned with my OT :D), Community Spirit Day and School Spirit Day (which we are allowed to come in our green black white home clothes as well!) So yes, it was a really cool week 8)

Anyway, the week was good and it ended even better! (: Friday was such a wonderful day.
So basically we had Waddle GM after school and after that, Justice League - House Capts/ VCapts (or part of it) was going for RJ's Dramafest! But it was 7pm and so Jing En and I had about 5 hours or less to kill (cos I didn't want to go for the badminton competition hehe whoops).

I had a craving for Garrett's so we headed to ION and we got our popcorn fix! The caramel flavour is amazing (': Heh we requested to try the Cheesecorn and it was terrible. Maybe savory popcorn just doesn't do for me.

Then we went to Ngee Ann City and headed to Candylicious! Yes, we were spending a lot of money. She bought her chocolate bark thing which doesn't look like chocolate at all to me and I got my jellybellies (; Being in Candylicious took a lot of time, so that was actually good since we had so much time to spare! We walked around and decided to get cupcakes for Louisa and Chunyen since both of them were at 3rd Lang. It was actually really pretty but they didn't give us a box to contain the cupcakes, so the fondant cracked. It's still pretty cute I guess. 

Then sometime later, I received a text from my mum telling me of my brother's A level results! (: Straight A's for all four H2 subjects and Merit for his H3 subject! Yes, that's actually really really really good, and it really set the mood for the entire day (or night) that was to happen afterwards. I'm so proud of him! But that just means that I have to meet the higher expectations of my family and relatives (just like PSLE) He would also face the dilemma of applying for Medicine because with such results, my parents would definitely want him to apply for that course. Just follow your heart, brother! It's going to be hard, but it's your own future. 

Anyway, I think Jing En and I really had time together and we talked about so many things, like the stuff that's happening in our lives and I think both of us feel the same way sometimes. We talked about how we felt so incompetent at times, like how we don't feel worthy of the various positions we have. It's quite scary to be touching on such a topic, but these things can't be avoided. Jing En, I think you're doing great though! (: Both of us felt that we should be more assertive next time, let's jiayou! 

Then we headed to Junction 8 and ate dinner before meeting the rest of Justice League to walk to RI(JC).

5 out of the 11 vice capts ♥ 

Anyway, Drama Fest was really really really good. It was just so impressive, watching seniors act on stage. I especially loved Bayley Waddle's performance (haha of course!) Nikki was so good! I think Moor Tarbet's one was amazing too! Really enjoyed the entire night, spending time with Justice League and watching the wonderful performances. I got a bit crazy and high during the intermission though, it was a bit out of control but all the laughing made me relax and the night was just awesome. 

On a side note, Ragini and I finally have a photo together! (Y)

Saturday was a really good day too! 
It was actually Founder's Day, but I could skip it as I had to attend the Moot Parliament Mentor's Tea held at Dunman High (yes, my group got into MPP!) and it was actually quite fun. I met Jaclyn on the MRT and we headed to the Macs near Dunman to get breakfast first. 

At Dunman, I met Xin Rong, my primary school classmate and it was quite cool catching up! Then we had to go to the Auditorium for the briefing before the "Tea"  - or rather some refreshments before heading to the classrooms to meet our mentors! Our expert mentor, a lawyer, was not present but we had two student mentors from the Law Faculty at NUS. I thought they were really awesome and nice, and it felt as though we were talking to our seniors - one of them is from RGS and the other's a guy. They pointed out many loopholes in our proposal though and it felt like everything was terrible but I guess that's the only way for us to improve! (: 

I think our student mentors are super kind and sacrificial - I mean they actually are willing to take time off their busy schedules to meet us at our school on Saturday! I'm quite excited for the meeting at the Law Faculty at NUS though, it feels just so special to be given such a privilege. Deadlines are really tight and work needs to be done though! 

my MPP group; 

Have a wonderful day! (:

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