Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today was a crazy day.
Woke up and was feeling really really sick, took my temperature and it was 38.4degrees. I insisted on going to school though, because I didn't want to leave my secret valentine (both PB and class) feeling sad about not receiving a present. So I did, and boy was I feeling terrible the entire day. I was dizzy, tired and just felt horrible. To add on to this, I still had SLI Post Mortem which I went for and I was super spaced out the entire time. 

On the bright side, I received so many valentines day presents from so many people! (: I'm so happy and I feel so loved (See? You don't necessarily need a date to feel so good about yourself on this day) I really really appreciate all of your gifts, really! Thanks for making today so special and wonderful!

But, I will never ever go to school when I'm running such a high fever again. It's terrible. 
Shall end this short post with a song. It's amazing, Minglu's the one who sent this to me via email when I was going through some tough times a few weeks ago and I feel that it's really inspiring!

Appraisals tomorrow. Wish me luck. 

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