Monday, December 26, 2011

standing in the middle of orchard road whee.

It's Boxing Day today (nope, I'm not going to crack another overused joke about boxing people on this day)
Yesterday was Christmas. It was pretty good.

I didn't feel especially festive, it was just like a normal day, unlike previous years where I would really feel super duper excited. But it was a good day nonetheless. Went to the usual Christmas lunch at my aunt's house! It was a little more toned-down this year, more of a family affair kind of thing. But it was cosy and pretty lovely. The Christmas spirit wasn't evident though, I couldn't feel it very much. 

Anyway, after that, I went to meet Emily at about 5pm. We headed to Orchard - the Christmas spirit was definitely present there! It felt so amazing. I'm not quite sure what the Christmas spirit really is, but there was some sort of festive mood all around as soon as you step out. There were people everywhere (wearing Christmas hats, may I add!) and the streets had beautiful lights hanging all around. 

It was my first time at Orchard on Christmas Day, and boy, it was an experience I'd like to experience for the next few Christmases! Surprisingly, it wasn't raining at all, the weather was really good (: The roads were cordoned off for a floating display and there was another side where many (like really, MANY!) folks were line-dancing to popular hits. The atmosphere was awesome. Emily and I did super stupid things, but it was fun! (:

This is really unsubstantial, I feel like I used to post better stuff /: 
Ahh well, it's not like I guarantee good posts hahaha!

But we're gonna have a House Comm BBQ + Secret Santa tomorrow (: I think that's pretty cool 8) Maybe I'll have more things to post soon!

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