Saturday, December 31, 2011

As I type this, it isn't 1 Jan 2012 yet, but when I post it, it will be.
So, my typing will be based on the 1 Jan context (:

First things first,

Time has passed so very fast indeed, it's quite scary but it's alright. A new year, a new beginning. It's different and I'm feeling rather apprehensive about next year but I'm glad I can (kind of) start on a new slate. Not totally clean and new, as it's kind of a build up. I'd like to see it as a tiered cake I guess. And every year is another layer. To make a tiered cake, you need various cakes stacked up together. So to speak, every year, every layer would be a build up from the previous year, the previous layer of cake but it's still a fresh and new chunk of cake being stacked up one by one to form the entire tiered cake also known as my life. Okay, this is quite incoherent and seems a bit redundant but I think that's quite important.

To put it simply, although I can't really change what has happened previously because everything is a build up but I can still start anew every year because it's another layer and it's another chance for me to do things differently.

Last year has been a thoroughly enjoyable yet tiring year.
A remarkable class spirit, campaigning, being a second intake, having a lot of fun. 

This year, will hopefully be more amazing, more meaningful and more productive.

And so many people have been such an integral part of 2011, I can't thank you guys enough. So here are the annual dedications!!! (((: If I missed any of you, I'm so sorry! You guys are still in my heart okay!

fellow JUJU

Hello Emily! (:
I think we're quite amazing, really. I still remember in P6 or so, when we decided to stay in contact even after we weren't in the same school and I think so far, we've succeeded! I know, in sec one and a bit of sec two, we were kind of super "on" and we met every Monday on 132, but it kind of died down as we got busier into the year. However, we went strong with major outings, and you've been such a wonderful friend over the years, probably one who understands me the best and you're really awesome! (: The really crazy things we do - like taking retarded videos under the scorching heat in Marina Barrage to riding roller coasters together, I must admit that the #JUJU power is going strong! Oh, and I just love all the amazing ideas we have that always fail/ are not even carried out. It's depressing, but it's already a beautiful feeling to be constructing all these plans. Thank you so so so much, I love you! 

2011 has been brilliant with you, I hope that 2012 will be even more amazing (': 

L³NY (:  

gosh guys i realized we don't have a complete photo of us together ):

Hello Angelia, Gillian, Huimin & Nai! :D
Thanks so so so much for this year, really (': Sec two would be so much more different without you guys! I love all of you and the outings we have had were so awesome & fun! We must definitely still stay in contact and wave to each other along the corridors okay! Omg I really can't imagine recesses without you guys. 

Angelia; Hey fellow chair 8) I think this year I've spent a lot of time with you (and I will still continue to, next year for Waddle House Comm!) but anyway, it has been a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs! Mostly ups actually :D You have that iconic pissed face and sometimes I really hate you but you have the other gay, chicken-y and crazy side, which makes me like you more than I hate you :D I still remember how the both of us are the enthu ones of  104/204 and we do crazy things, sacrificing so much but no one really cares about our efforts. I guess it's the process that counts, so thank you!

Gillian; Hey Gillian! :D Stop being so nice okay, man up! 8) Don't let people take advantage of you hehe! But yes, you're such a nice and retarded friend, it's so awesome hanging out with you! You jump at the slightest things and it's so funny how you have an obsession with birds. I think you're such a hilarious person and I love your company so much (': I still remember the times when we used to play Sims at your house, munching on potato chips and you're super entertaining (especially with Stephanie!) You're amazing, thank you!

Huimin; Hey Huimin! (: This shall not be cheesy or lovey-dovey :D Alright yes, I agree with you - I guess our personalities kind of crashed and you might think we aren't really suited to be good friends, but 2011 definitely won't be 2011 without you! You are probably the most entertaining people I've met this year - really! I think you can become an actress or something because your facial expressions can go from happy to just really pissed and it's an amazing skill to have :P You're so funny, thank you!

JieLin; Hi Nai 8) Hoho thanks for living so close to me! (At least I'll have a bus buddy!) I guess I'll still be seeing quite a lot of you next year because of Fiducia, and I'm quite glad! :D I think you're secretly a ninja, with your sneaky little ways stalking people without living traces and spying with your crazy huge owl eyes peeking through those purple owl glasses. I think we've been through quite a lot, and made it out alive :D Oh right, and I can't stand your paranoid-ness! It's so irritating haha you should learn to control your worries, trust me it'll do you good :D I can't stand you sometimes, but more often than not, you're great company! Thanks for being such an amazing friend, you're so retarded, thank you

2011 has been brilliant with you guys, I hope that 2012 will be even more amazing (': 


no full class photo )): 

Hey 204 (:
You guys have been such an amazing class really, I think 104 wasn't all that bonded but through our chalets, our class competitions, the spirit really built up and I must say, I'm so fortunate to be part of this wonderful experience. Chalet was such a crazy event, do you guys still remember the night when Class Comm broke down? I think it was quite strange to be in the shoes of you guys but I'd really want to thank y'all so much for working much harder afterwards, being so bonded and I felt so reluctant to leave at the end of the year, really )': We achieved so much, both Netcarn and Drama Nite were so memorable for me, I felt the class spirit when I was standing on that stage, singing my heart out with all the wonderful talents on stage. I didn't feel nervous at all, because I knew that backstage, 35 other hearts were singing with me, supporting me as I went along and I knew that even if the cast screwed things up, no one would have blamed one another but instead face it as a class and be proud that we've given our very best anyway (: I love you guys so much, let's not ignore each other if we see one another on the corridors okay? :D Thank you so much for making this year so memorable!

Special shoutout  to Sexy Sevens, I love you guys (': 

2011 has been brilliant with you guys, I hope that 2012 will be even more amazing (': 

CELL (: 
Chunyen JingELouisa Liyin

there's no photo of us alone ): ahh well this captures (part of) House Comm as well, which is equally amazing :D

Hey Louisa, Chunyen and Jingen! :D
Although we've only started working together nearing around the end of 2011, I think the chemistry the four of us have is really something quite good! I feel like the four of us can click so well and I'm so excited to be working so closely with all of you this year! I love you guys!

Louisa; Hey Louisa! :D I think you're going to be an awesome Waddle Captain this year! Really, I think your sense of responsibility is really strong, you're always so on-task on giving instructions and you're really nice as a friend as well (: You constantly give us support and we feel like we can talk to you about anything and I feel like it's going to be an amazing experience working alongside you this year to make Waddle a truly awesome house. I'd can't thank you enough for being the one who, in a casual chit-chat and a small note, brought up the topic of campaigning and encouraging me to run for Waddle Vice-Capt because it's definitely one of the best decisions I have made this year :D Thank you so much, and good luck for sec four! 

Chunyen; Hey Chunyen! :D To be honest, I didn't really know you super well before we became vice captains but I'd always thought you were super cute and really nice! My predictions were proven to be correct! After knowing you I think we really clicked and we could get along really well. I think you're an amazing senior who makes things really fun and I enjoy your company so so much! I'm looking forward to working with you this year to make Waddle a much more wonderful place to be in! :D Jiayou for sec four as well 8) 

JingEn; Hey Jing En! :D Hehe I think this year, we'll be seeing a lot of each other, in Guides as well as Waddle and I think it's going to be so fun! I can't thank you enough for this amazing year, and I still remember the letters we used to write to each other in sec one (why were we even writing to each other xD) but it was an awesome experience - I still remember you gave me Skittles when exams were nearing (: It was such a wonderful feeling and thanks so much for the support you have given me! I'm truly fortunate to have met someone like you (: And during campaigning or sometime after, both of us felt quite insecure and we sent each other inspirational emails, it helped so much and I truly appreciate it! I dig them out from my inbox occasionally when I need the additional ego-boost when I'm feeling down. I'm so glad we're both Vice-Capts and the opportunities we have to work together is probably really a lot and I'm looking forward to it! :D Let's make Waddle an amazing house! (: Thanks so much and goodluck for sec three - balancing PSB & House will be quite a challenge but I'm sure you'll manage well :D

2011 has been brilliant with you guys, I hope that 2012 will be even more amazing (': 

Smurfs/ 13atch!

Hey smurfies (:
You guys have made CCA so much more meaningful than it already is! You guys make me look forward to Guides sessions - no matter how tired I am at the end of the school day, I would do my very best to gather all the energy to push myself to go for Guides because I know that it's all worth it and you guys are so so so amazing! I think our batch really bonded so much this year and I'm so happy to be spending a part of my 4 years in RGS with such amazing batchmates like you guys :D

In particular, I'd like to mention a few wonderful batchies;

Christina; Hey Chris! (: I think you're one of the few people who actually reads my blog hehe! Thanks so much for being such an amazing friend this past two years! :D You're so fun to be with, and I love love love how we can talk about anything especially on our (or rather your) interesting life that includes the presence of guys :D We can really talk about anything and everything and I love how well we click! You're so awesome and good luck for 2012! I think you will be able to balance PSB and your acads well! Oh and I'm really looking forward to doing RS with you!

Ragini; Hey Ragini! (: Thanks so much for being such a wonderful person to be with really! Bus rides with you are so amazing because of the heart-to-heart talks we have! You give wonderful advice to my problems and I truly appreciate everything we have been through together! Remember that you are not alone and keep believing because you are an amazing person and I will always be there for you whenever you need it :D Looking forward to working with you for House and jiayou for everything! 

Michelle; Hey Zhu! :D You are so amazing and hyper! I love how the both of us can laugh endlessly and it's just so crazy! I miss you so much, you were an amazing patrol mate and the fun we had was undescribable :D Stay happy despite everything and I believe in whatever you do! Just remember that I'll always be there for you! Goodluck Michy Moo! :D  

2011 has been brilliant with you guys, I hope that 2012 will be even more amazing (': 


Hey guys! :D
I don't know you guys that well, and I don't have a photo of us together but I think that you guys are really awesome! (: You make me feel so very welcome even though I was a second intake and so far, you guys have been such fun people to be with and this is a strong word, but I'm already loving all of you guys! Ooh, new uniforms on Wednesday, so exciting (': 

2011 has been brilliant with you guys, I hope that 2012 will be even more amazing (': 

Dragons & Caves!

Hey Gary, Matthew, Emily, Alina, Ryan, Nigel, Jerome! 
I don't have a photo of us together but I just wanted to say that you guys are so amazing, even though we don't meet up very often, having the Facebook group and that one outing/gathering was already so powerful! It felt so relaxing and I'm so fortunate to be able to still keep in contact with all of you! And you guys are the people who can really make me laugh like crazy :D I love all of you like mad! We should really meet up sometime! I need to de-stress (: 

2011 has been brilliant with you guys, I hope that 2012 will be even more amazing (': 

Last but not least, thanks so much to my family! I love you guys so much! 

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