Friday, October 14, 2011

Shopping , or should I say , WINDOW shopping at ION Orchard has proved to be a terrible experience when I was there in my school uniform with Jie Lin and Gillian last Thursday .

Yeah , as much as I love ION, with it's dazzling array of food @ the food hall , with popcorn (Cornery) and bubbletea and The Cocoa Trees among others , there are like two wings of ION - one of which is more of the common people side , with the FOOD HALL , and shops like the DC comics shop , the Adidas shop , epicentre , Crumpler etc . And the other wing would be the "untouchable" side , with all those high end shops like Cartier , Rolex , etc .

And the point is that I'm not the one who deems it "untouchable" . It was such a terrible experience walking past all the shops (not to even mention stepping INSIDE the shops) . The salespeople were all wearing sharp looking suits and when we walked past , they just starred at us , as if we were out of our minds for even being there . There were only a few adults walking around in that wing of ION , not to mention students like us , and shops were practically empty ! Everyone looked as if they thought we were crazy lugging plastic bags of popcorn and a nike waterbottle (which we got for angelia) .

Who would even dare to go into these boutiques when we were given such dagger stares ? The service was really awful , we were so intimidated by them . Of course , we weren't planning on buying anything but this really reflects quite badly on our service industry . We jokingly said we should just enter these boutiques with confidence . Why must it be something that we should be saying "jokingly" ? Service staff should make their boutiques more welcome , seriously . It's such a turnoff and being in that wing felt cold . Like its an obligation for you to dress well to receive better treatment . That's just plain horrible . Every potential customer should be given equal opportunities to view their goods .

But it gave us motivation to work harder so that we would be able to afford / look like we're able to afford any of the products being sold there . It was really awkward but very very fun being at that wing . We should seriously walk into one of the boutiques there and see the staff's reaction . They never know , we might very well be rich man's daughters . How can they judge a person beforehand seriously )<

Okay I have no idea what this rant is for , I think I'm just bored . But I had loads of fun at ION , and later at Ngee Ann City . I kept laughing and it was genuinely fun being with that two fellas . Oh and gosh they have Candylicious at Taka too - bought my jellybellies xD You don't know how much I love Jelly Bellies . They're so delicious .

Alright I am crazy .
I am busy .

I have no idea why I wrote this .

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