Saturday, August 20, 2011


I don't really care if I get into trouble for posting this post here on the Internet . Besides , I'm only 14 years old . They can't really do much to me , right ? I apologize beforehand for this being crude or rude or offensive and stuff .

I shall not write about Dr Tony Tan since I'm sure he'd be able to prove himself to the voters of Singapore . His hats are really really cute by the way . I admit that his Chinese speech that was telecast on TV was really quite bad but ah well , the English one was still good , with great content .

Okay so I just watched Mr Tan Jee Say's speech (also the one that was telecast on TV) on Youtube and it got my blood boiling . Does he think that this is another general election ? Well , it really isn't . This is the presidential election . With all due respect , Mr Tan JS , it's not the PAP versus the Opposition now . It's the individual candidates' own capabilities to represent Singapore overseas and to oppose AS WELL AS TO AGREE with the government's policies ! You don't oppose for the sake of opposing , you have to agree with the Parliament sometimes as well . That's what a President should be - fair and just .

Mr Tan JS said that he was the only candidate that isn't linked to the PAP and would therefore be the most suitable candidate that is able to "provide checks and balances on the Government" . But well , he isn't free from a political party . He ran for the May General Election under the Singapore Democratic Party , if you're not aware . Therefore , he has the political ideologies shared by the SDP . He said that the other candidates have been "living and breathing PAP" . Ah well , you're "living and breathing SDP" then ! That means that he would probably just keep opposing the Government if he was elected and make things very difficult for them as Head of State .

That isn't what one is supposed to do . The President should not be siding any ONE political ideology - be it the PAP nor the Opposition . Judging from Mr Tan JS's speech , it would be a huge difficulty for him to side the Government for certain matters where they are really right . Actually I feel that Dr Tony Tan might side the PAP too much (haha whoa i'm unbiased!) , but I have utmost confidence that he would be able to represent Singapore overseas , I mean you can't actually not agree to his contacts !

Yes , these are statements that I'm assuming and claiming . But its a claim and shouldn't be put down as impossible or false . Just my own personal views :D

don't sue me .

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