Monday, August 15, 2011

If you do read my blog regularly , it might be quite obvious that I'm someone with the Peter Pan mindset . Meaning I don't want to grow up , perhaps because I am afraid of what entails in the future , it's so shaky , it's so unclear , it's really just very scary .

And you know how it's like when you're old . Like yesterday , I was talking to my mum and told her that something was "tumblr-worthy" . My brother intercepted and said that she won't understand what I was talking about . Truth be told , she didn't . How does it feel being the older generation ? They don't get what we're talking about and sometimes I feel bad for them . Do they realize how much they're missing out ? Or is it just from my perspective that I feel that they're missing something ?

Okay , so my point ? I don't know if my generation will become the "cool-grandparents" generation . Like the generation that would understand what kids do cos we aren't illiterate and we would keep up with times via avenues like newspapers , internet etc . That would definitely be great , as we'd be able to connect with the younger generation .

But , I think there would definitely be a generation gap , won't it ? Like , what if they invent something else , something cooler , bigger and much more extraordinary . Will my generation continue to keep up with it or will they just fall back and allow the next generation to know something we don't ?

That really sucks cos I don't like not knowing things .

Alright , what am I talking about . This is nonsense babbling ._. I'm ashamed of myself .
Oh yeah , I really am .

You know , we had Chinese PT Oral today and I messed up , big time . I was like uh "心不在焉" which basically means my heart wasn't focused and I started without being mentally prepared and I was just babbling what I had memorised . So when I forgot halfway , I couldn't link back to where I have stopped cos I had no inkling of what I was saying at all . Yeap , so there was this awkward long pause but I regained my train of thought later on . I had to impromptu so much I'm really pissed at myself .

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