Friday, August 5, 2011

Before I pamper myself by sleeping early , let me pamper you guys by actually updating my blog :D Pamper isn't a right word because reading this won't actually make you any more happier .

Not that I actually know who "you guys" refer to . I'm sure no one actually visits my blog , but well this is contradictory but I'm quite sure I have secret stalkers or something because well , my blog counter does go up ! (:

Okay anyway school life has been hectic , with so many exams and stuff going on , but it has also been really really interesting with awesome lessons like CSI and rock-climbing ! For now , SAs are over for the team but I'm burdened by Chinese PT , Philo PT , English PT , History PT , Geog PT , Lit PT and CSI Movie . 7 projects to work on , so little time .

but oh well . 4 and a half day holiday , what more can i ask for ?

Anyway , I shall not bore you with the minor details of my life ;
but the little bits that are more inspiring .

And I will guide my guiding light , to let it shine (:

Yes , I'm in a WHOO-GUIDES-IS-AWESOME mood right now , had NDP contingent full dress rehearsal earlier today after school . It's one of the times where you actually feel proud wearing the guides uniform and I can't wait for Monday .

Anyway , Alicia messaged me on facebook today . Alicia's my Guides junior , she's in my waddlian junior class , plus she's my waddle mortal [whom i have no time to write to] ! She asked me a few questions about Guides like the purpose of this CCA , the huge global aim of Guiding , and what we strive to achieve at the end of our Guiding Journey . So yeap , why did she ask me all these questions ? Well , that's really secret and not the main point of this anyway .

Okay , to be honest , it was the first time I have actually thought about this Worldwide Guiding Movement and even though I have spent 4 years of my life as a Brownie and 1 and a half years in Guiding . Therefore , her various questions came as a surprise , something that overwhelmed me thoroughly . I never really thought about this , so why am I still part of this movement ? Well , I guess I don't actually need to answer this , because I feel that I'm already part of this movement so I've never considered this question , because it was something already inside me and I didn't see the need to question this action .

I know Guides doesn't seem appealing because it's a UG and it has the worst footdrill and stuff . But really , Guides is the best CCA you can ever ever have . But , it was great that Alicia asked it because I sorted by thoughts clearly , in hope of enlightening my juniors :D So what exactly did I tell her ?

    • guides is this huge worldwide movement that strives to nurture guiding in every single lady , with them learning new skills every guides session and not missing out on skills which the boys learn . it was founded by lady baden powell , the wife of lord baden powell , who founded scouting . she felt that the girls were very interested in the things the boys do - like life skills , pitching tents , making fires etc . and she wanted to extend this privilege to the girls as well , starting the guide movement .
        • so yeah , now it might seem quite irrelevant to learn all these stuff which we do [like firelighting , outdoor cooking , tent pitching , etc ] because i mean , we live in such a high tech world and it seems a bit pointless . but the main focus here is GUIDING . so what exactly is guiding ? guiding , to me , is something that empowers everyone to take the lead , to guide . to share what you learn to the next batch etc . it's this strong and emotional bond that you share and it's a bond that you share with the guides all over the world . i mean, isn't it amazing to know that you have something in common with another fellow guide which you haven't met somewhere else in the world ?
      • it's the only cca that has this super strong emotional bond among each other and it doesn't really matter if the things you do would benefit you in future because it's the friendships that you nuture through doing these things . and well , what do guides strive to complete at the end of our guiding journey ? well , get the president guides award of course ! but well , that's just on paper . because the guiding journey never ends , the guiding light just keeps shining .


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