Monday, February 21, 2011

thanks for all the birthday wishes guys (:
really means a lot to me ;D it's so awesome that so many of my primary school classmates remember my birthday ( like , not on facebook , but sms ! ) especially you , xuan wei ! you don't even have facebook to rely on (: haha and those who tried to wish me on the dot at midnight ! ;D thanks (: ohyes and garylim who wished me beforehand ! haha , he always does that .

right ,
but it's quite a depressing birthday i guess D: i uncle passed away yesterday , so there's this tinge of sadness in the family . but i think that it's a reminder for me that as i grow older , there'll be more of a workload for me to carry , emotional and mental stress and the lost of close ones , as everyone grows older .

though i wasn't exactly very very close to my uncle , but it just gives me this wake up call to treasure my loved ones more (:

i got to go for my uncle's wake , so yup . will end here ~

thanks emily for the lovely urm , birthday thingum ;D

love ,
liyin ;D

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