Monday, February 14, 2011

overdue photos (:

outing with emily on 0502'11

class deco angelia & i did up in a few hours (:

doesn't look impressive at all , but it was quite difficult doing it okay ! and i love my girl (: if you look closely wahaha .

secret on how to keep awake late at night - unhealthy food that gives you the sugar rush ! ;D

valentine's day with emily juju (:

unagi maki ahhh .

coffee chocolate snow ice before + after the attack by the jujus ;D

macs double chocolate frappes x 2 ;D

and the horribly sweet cinnamon melts i hate .

my secret valentine is sharon haha ;D she gave me this cute microphone thingum (:

and emily ! gave me these roses . i love this photo (:

it was quite fun today (Y) .

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