Tuesday, December 21, 2010


so christmas is in three days ~ food , presents et cetera (:
anyway today was the day where i was super nervous last year . i mean , my psle score was quite uncertain . i may or may not get into rgs . so i was really really emotional on last year's today . haha (: CONGRATS TO EVERYONEEE ! even if you didn't manage to get into your first choice or anything , just be happy that you're progressing to the next chapter of your life (: secondary school can sometimes be quite overwhelming (:

jessa gan , see you around in school next year ! (:

okay anyway , i went back to school yesterday for sec one orientation dry run .

today , i went to meet my band ( yes , i'm in a band wahaha . but it's just starting ;D ) - chloe , tessa & denise . at first charlene yap was supposed to be the keyboardist ): anyway , chloe plays the electric guitar , denise the drums , tessa and i are the singers . we went to chinatown , and went to some studio . it's kind of creepy and it was very dark and there wasn't anyone at the counter , then it was super epic and finally someone came out and stuff . we did THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED and it was quite nice you know (: seriously ;D except for my horrible singing voice , everyone else was really good . haha , maybe i can double up as a keyboardist the next time round (:

kay anyway it's really fun and we're thinking of a band name ! ;D shall go learn some other songs . super cool (:

oh ya , then i went to the orthodontist today . apparently my teeth is a very very complicated case because of the over bite . my over bite was very very serious cos when i clench my teeth together , you can't actually see the bottom row of teeth . not one bit . so that's a bit scary . it was like super weird and the guy said my teeth problem usually occurred among caucasians . but i thought many people had over bite . maybe it's something else . so unlike what the dentist said , i still had to do two rows of braces . that's good , i mean , that means i'll get perfect straight teeth (: and it'll be aligned ! ;D

then my mum agreed on the spot to let me do braces and she signed the thing . sigh , the braces itself costs about four thousand bucks . i could buy a whole load of other things with that ): anyway , after that , the orthodontist spotted something and wanted to check my teeth again . he said my jaw had some problem , but it was a mild case . however , it might become more serious in future when i grow older and this problem can only be corrected by jaw surgery . thanks doc ): , for spotting this and making me worried D:

luckily for me , it wasn't necessary to extract any teeth from the bottom row . but i'll have to extract three at the top row ! one baby tooth , and two adult teeth . yes , i still have a baby tooth . but i'll have to go and extract in february because the dentist / orthodontist were very busy and their schedules were all packed ):

oh and when my braces are on , i have to abstain from HARD FOODS , CHEWY FOODS , FIZZY DRINKS , SWEET DRINKS , ETC . that's like almost all the nice food ): i think it's two in one : straight teeth + slimming . i'm going to gorge myself till february ;D

kaythanks .
bye (:

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