Saturday, November 27, 2010

argh ,
was my sacrifice for ryan higa worth it ? D:
to put it simply , i deleted almost all of my phone files to free up that 836 MB for his AGENTS OF SECRET STUFF . but of course , michael jackson's songs are still retained . okay so it doesn't work . i shall not go into depth . blogger freaking deleted the stuff i typed just now . and i don't wish to go through it again . it's really bad typing negative stuff , it makes you feel all lousy .

sigh these few days have been painting like crazy . it's really fun larh (: but it's quite a waste of time . but oh wells . life ain't just about results . i love my palate . i just used four colours - red , blue , yellow and white - to get these colours ;D okay so i've been painting the draft for waddle house banner . see the picture ;

haha , can't reveal everything (: not supposed to (:

okay and this is the guides banner draft (: not gonna show everything too . yay it's finally finished . haha i still don't know why i'm the i/c for this .

LOL okay anyway i went to plaza sing yesterday with my mommy (: okay so urm normal shopping stuffs ? then went to daiso . i love daiso , everything's so cheap . and all were supposedly from japan . damn i knew i should've learnt my jap well . okay haha , i don't have any regrets for quitting jap .

oh anyway , i saw these instant cupcake mixes . it's pretty cool . you crack an egg into a mug , add this mix thing , then put it into the microwave oven for awhile and bam ! you get something that looks like the packet cover . i koped this picture from somewhere cos i didn't feel like taking my own . heh urm thanks to the person !

i'm gonna try it like , sooooon (; darn cool haha .

then bought other stuffs (: if you go to daiso and don't buy anything , something's really wrong with you . okay i think that statement's just plain unfeeling and insensitive . poverty): it's really sad just reading about it . i'm gonna write an essay about poverty soon when i find time . urm , yes , on my own account . okay nevermind .

then urm shopped more ? haha , went to times bookstore . my mother went to look up SAT stuffs for my brother . urm SAT , to put it simply , is like this exam you take to like , heighten your chances to gain admission to an american university if you score well in it . and my brother just doesn't think usa's university's worth going to = = let's see if they even accept him first . haha he couldn't care less about SAT's stuff . he says it's frigging simple . hmm , we shall see about that . but yeah , he's most of the time right . okay anyway as i was saying , i was at times bookstore . then i remembered that STICKY said on their facebook page that they distributed their sweets for sale at all times' bookstores . so i went to take a look . yay it was true . but they had like , limited varieties so i bought grape rock . yay i don't have to go all the way to clarke quay in future (: LOL surprisingly my mom didn't object d: she always scolds me whenever i buy stickys cos i urm , have a very high sugar intake already .

okay then urm shopped more , bought some sushi and we decided to go to the new shopping mall , NEX , at serangoon there . it's supposedly the biggest heartland shopping mall . and yes , ohmygosh that place is freaking huge . it should be the biggest shopping mall . vivocity helms that title , right ? but i don't know , i feel that NEX is bigger than vivocity . haha , but that's not really possible , but it really looks like it . they have super alot of stuffs . like two supermarkets . malls usually have just one anchor supermarket . but there was both fairprice and coldstorage . and super alot of anchor tenants like isetan .

okay anyway we walked for awhile but i was tired so i wanted to come back . so urm , we came home . hmm , but i don't know how to pronounce NEX . is it like " next " ? or " nax " ?

kaybyes .
abrupt ending much (:

love ,
liyin .

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