Saturday, November 13, 2010

i think i'm becoming a geek soon . really .

yikes . yesterday when i went to the library , which i havent been to in a while . anyway , that's besides the point . so i initially had planned to borrow a few [ one or two ] romeo and juliet guide books since romeo and juliet is frigging crazy . it's like written in middle english [ not old english , my brother always corrects me = = ] if i don't have any guidebooks , i'd be super lost and won't understand a single thing . but actually the R&J story is quite famous and the story is like already super well known . i first learnt of it when i was really little . maybe p2 ? cos i played runescape ;D there was this romeo and juliet quest haha . anyway , back to my point . so i went to the youth section and found these amazing section dedicated to shakespeare . it was really awesome . so i borrowed three romeo and juliet guide books and crazily , i even borrowed HAMLET . at first i wanted to borrow a merchant of venice guidebook since i had the real play at home already but i think it'd be too much for me .

okay , that does not actually prove my point about me becoming a geek . okay so i decided to borrow some chick flicks which i normally read . like , last year i was obsessed with these unrealistic fictional teenage puppy love stories . i went there and browsed through some and realized how retarded they actually were . YES I KNOW . how could i , right ? i mean , they are the interesting and cute type of stories but i don't know what happened . then i saw those info books and ended up borrowing some really weird books that are so unlike me . okay , not really . i like human geography so i actually borrowed books on poverty , the environment etc . i even borrowed CSI books , for science next year D: ohmygosh am i crazy or what .

but whether or not i will read them really depends .

i even borrowed a book on the minds of suicide bombers . i wanted to borrow a book on opposing views of pornography and another of abortion but they were too ... difficult to understand .
ARGH what is happening to me , why am i not reading the amazingly feel - good chick flicks D:

oh so i went home pretty late and i finished reading one romeo and juliet guide book already . yes i know . what is happening to me . i'm reading the second guide book now . yay now i love romeo and juliet . it's pretty cool . i'm starting to admire middle english . it's quite cute , the way they talk teehee .

yay kay enough of crapping . tomorrow's house comm annual general meeting . so cool haha . wonder how it's going to be like ;D
next week is going to be superrrr packed , even though its the holidays already . i only have tuesday to myself D: but it's okay (: it's fun stuff yay ;D can't wait for wednesday . epicness . LOL i don't know any of my lines bah .

i'm gonna blogblogblog about the stuff and emily lets vlog teehee .

love ,
liyin (:

i want my braces soon so i can get it over and done with . i'm scared of the pain ):

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