Friday, August 20, 2010


okay so erm , i haven't been posting a lot . but yeah , well , in bio class on thursday , we disected a


that's awesomely cool , eh ? we worked in fours in our lab bench ;DD photos yeah (: courtesy of tricia (: the photo of me on the top is with the sheep's heart . it's so disgusting but cool ;DD it looks more like a brain . there's A LOT of fat . yuck .

cutting it (: guess who did it ? me ;DD yay .

cutting another slit ...

and mashing everything up after the experiment . it's insanely disgusting .

ahahaha , then we had guides striping last wednesday . it's striping , not you-kn0w-what with the extra "p" . it means that the sec 4 leaves , and new people take over and stuffs . awwh , some people cried . i didn't though . hahaha .

haiz , i've been attending rehearsals for speech day over the last 2 weeks . so sian . but oh well , they want everything to be perfect . it's still really really strange how i could've gotten the "parents for rgs" award , for kind and selfless students . i shouldnt have gotten it , seriously. but its on the 28th of this month D: so sad , i badly wanted to go to RI to fold cranes for some CIP project so i can earn CIP hours . that's not possible now ):

oh well , my brother's coming back to singapore from cambridge in UK this sunday . he had better get me some sort of souvenir or i won't forgive him . haha .

oh ya , i submitted my application form for HOUSE COMMITTEE 2011 . hope i'd be granted an interview . i badly want to get in (: haha . but if i don't , it's okay , i guess . but i'll be really disappointed . oh well .


p/s : why are random people taggin my blog D: arrrgggh . spam spam . should i private my blog ?

oh ya , my face is ridiculously tight now . cos i smeared egg white all over my face .

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