Monday, August 2, 2010

oh yes , im sure you did .
ANYWAY , i have been mia-ing for so so long , my blog's really dead . oh well . ANYWAY .... quick recap . whee ~

31 july 2010
whee ~
cousin's wedding at marina mandarin .
bunch of fans waiting outside for k-pop stars ? eww . i liked the food . and the mocktails before the wedding dinner . the green one tasted horrible .
but i like the transparent one . pretty nice . and then DINNERRR .
hee , so many dishes ! there was some lobster cold dish , then sharks fin [YUM ! i doubt xin rong reads my blog right ? cos nobody ever does anyway] , then i forgot . veggies ? then fish ? then prawns ? im not sure , then abalone , then some noodles , then some other stuff i forgot , and then dessert . i think it's the coke that made me full . anyway ,
hee , jane & her husband andy . yay !

oh oh , and wedding favors were awesome . they're sooo cute . teddy bears handphone dangle ! ;DD so cute right ? hee .
a female and a male ! (: the girl's wearing a cute pink tube dress (:

1 august 2010
went to gillian's house for BIO project . did some chinese , and played SIMS for a while ;DD we WOO-HOOed a lot a lot (: hee , then father went to pick me . and then went back home to pick my brother and mother . and then we went to some MASK RESTAURANT to celebrate my grandmother's birthday . had a darn hard time finding it . my auntie wanted to eat there ... it was situated in little india there . then we parked at some weird place and they had a signboard saying "illegal worker's dormitory" and i was like , what the ? so we parked somewhere else . i mean , if it's illegal , why do they make it so obvious ? = =
then we passed by this shop with the name "DRUGS AND NUTRITION" . my brother and i was laughing like crazy . he was like "what a suspicious name" . and the shop had only one door , with no windows whatsoever . and a guy was guarding the door . what a weird place . LUCKILY , the restaurant was pretty decent . hee , my mother said she read many newspaper articles about it recently . but the food wasn't fantastic though . but when we cut the cake for my grandma , they played the birthday song through the speakers . awwwwwwwwh ;DD
okay , so i reached home . and mr . ho from rgs called me . he said i was nominated by my teachers for the "parents for rgs" award and had to go for an interview on monday . oh well .

2 august 2010
okay , so went to school , attended lessons . and then went to search for that award thingy in my handbook . the description was: Awarded to pupils who have good conduct and have modelled kindness and selflessness . then i was , ermmm , in what way to i have all these ? i thought teacher would nominate a prefect or something . so i went to the general office . and i waited with a sec 4 girl . its like , the rest of the nominees were sec 4s ? so obviously i wouldn't get it . i don't even understand why i was nominated :P the teacher in charge told me i was only sec 1 so my teachers thought highly of me ? I WAS SO HONOURED (:
went in , got interviewed . i think i did badly . oh nevermind . the rest were so good , i think ? cos they all got those RS projects where they did good deeds and stuff . haahaa , oh well . getting nominated was good enough .
ooh it was MONDAY (: emily day !
alighted at ang mo kio , met emily , bought mc flurries for us . a mudpie one for me and an oreo one for her (; im so nice right ? thanks , i know . haha , she had FACEBOOK rock from STICKY . she gave me a piece . A PIECE , you know ? SO GENEROUS RIGHT ? :P
urm , my phone's a bit blur , so yup , that's the quality you get . can see the "f" of facebook ? so cute right ?
and whee , went home . YAY

zaijian ;DDDD

p/s: overdued photos hereeee

[i like this picture i took at thomson plaza's popular. went there a week back ? with gillian , jie lin and justine i think]

malay class ! we took a group photo and i zoomed in , cos i like this (: hee , so nice right ? ;DD me and gillian . YAY (:

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