Friday, July 9, 2010

long overdue photos from YOUTH DAY when emily came to my house (: 

anyway , i'm too lazy to blog about it . teehee . 

shall blog about today ;DD 
went to school . got out of car . looked down . gahhhhh ! my school badge dropped :/ probably in the car . luckily the prefect at the gate didn't really notice cos i pretended to scratch my shoulder to cover the blank space . heh . then i walked all the way to J-block without being caught . then i borrowed my friend's badge to go to the PB room to buy one . thanks NAJLA ;DDDD for the badge .

had chinese , teacher commented on what those china people said of our class . just in case u didn't know , yesterday a principal and a teacher from shanghai no.4 school or something came to sit in our chinese lesson . we gave a damn bad impression i think . a lot of them came late cos it was RECESS before and the bell wasn't working . then we greet wrongly , then our presentations were horrible cos our reading skills were not very good . but the points we made on the topic were pretty cool and relevant and good . it's kind of a mini debate . i was sitting at the last row and they were sitting behind me . so i could hear their convos with each other . shall not say it . but anyway , my chinese  teacher said today that they actually went to another girls school in singapore before coming to my school . if u can guess , it's THAT girls school ? u know ? our "rivals" or something ? they said that school was like china , the teacher teach and the students take down notes whereas our was different , we gave our opinions and stuff . so not bad overall ;DDD yay 

then 3 hours of aesthetics (: completed my puppet ! it can work on batteries now . it's AWESOME . i think i was the first one to finish it . my monkey was wearing a michael jackson hat i made from sponge . it's AWESOME ;DD heh , it's seriously my PRIDE . very cool . i made a banana peel too with felt cloth . at first i thought the electronics stuff won't work , but it WORKED ! so damn happy . but i'm pretty pissed larh . cos some people don't believe i did everything myself ): damn sad okay ? i mean , it's ALL MY WORK , my parents or whoever didn't even help . seriously . i'm proud of it . don't burst my bubble . i mean , i really designed it , with so many drafts , then draw , cut the wood , cut the limbs , assemble the box , drill , screw , melt the wires , attach the switches , paint , decorate , EVERYTHING . it's very difficult . it's not perfect , but it's SOMETHING . 

then assembly , rushed there . then head prefect campaign speeches ... and stuff . and then GUIDES ;DD we were learning the dance for annual assembly where scouts and guides from other schools would come . then sec 1s and 4s have to do a dance . haha , it was pretty fun . paired up with jamie . i think our chestpumps are awesome . hee , at least we could do it properly . then we were in the dance studio comparing flexibility . i showed them how my leg could touched my head and they were like FREAKY and all that . heh , i don't understand what's so freaky about it . LOL . 

anyway , went home . 
came back . 

tralalala , 

p/s: chatting on msn with bibiana and sheffield . problems a p6-er have are so much , EXCO is dying . i'm so sad . haiz , i didn't have all these when i was a p6 . no friendship problems , only maybe exam stress and well ... relationships & love . 

oh and , this was on facebook . see the 2nd recommended pages . what has michael jackson got to do with starbucks ? hahahaha , 

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