Sunday, April 4, 2010

it's 10.14pm now & i'm caught in a dilemma . 
damn 3rd language , damn myself , damn everyone .

okay , sorry for the inappropriate talk . 
but seriously ! that's how i'm feeling now . 
3rd language sucks , juniors , if u are offered , DO NOT TAKE IT . not all free gifts are good stuff , yeah ? trust me , you won't regret it . 

now now , i'm here offering advice to my juniors .
but WHAT ABOUT ME ? no seniors advised me not to take it . & what about my brother ? he took french till sec 3 and made it seem so easy . that's the wrong perception of mine . shucks , i should've known my brother had an intelligence level above normal people [like me] . he always uses the computer , for games , bridge , and all . BUT WHY DOES HE HAVE 2 RAs? which are like , the max anyone in RIJC can take . i dun have a brain like his , i can only rely on my hard work . 

but that's WAY beside the point. 
the point is : japanese is freaking irritating . 
for the past few weeks , when i study for dictation , tests , and all . i just FAIL to memorise any vocabulary . 
but now ? when i've made up my mind to quit , the vocabulary just comes into my brain easily . 
WHY ? now , i really don't know if i should quit . BLEAH . this is horrible . 

& why did my school bring forward the window period for withdrawals ? they should give us more time . 

my parents have already given in to my withdrawal request , but not myself . i have never made much of an important decision in my life . not that japanese is very important , but it could really affect my future . even choosing of sec schools weren't this difficult as i was sure of what i want . but now , i'm not sure . not sure at all . 

the feeling i have now is horrible . 
only some ice cream can cheer me up . 

but only for a second . 
cos i'll return to my horrible feelings again .

my life sucks . 


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