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Saturday, March 27, 2010

hello peoples ! (: 
havent been updating my blog , but who cares ? nobody ever reads it anyway. 
okay , for the people who requested to be linked or relinked , ur wish is my command . it has been granted , after quite some time ... heh heh :D 

yesterday was earth hour . rephrase :  not yesterday , but an hour yesterday was earth hour .
alright , so i went to AMK Hub to experience what it was like outside . cos last year i stayed at home. well well , what a disappointment , i must say .  the only participating outlet was the anchor tenant - ntuc xtra ... so , when it was 8.30pm , i expected some visible form of the outlet being darkened . but what did i get ? they just made an announcement saying that they'll of the lights . and i thought ... WHALLA ! but no , they just switched off those damn lights which are used at those trays they put fish and stuff . i didn't even notice they switched them off  

it was so stupid i wasted my precious time .  but at least i did some shopping (: 
anyway , in Ang Mo Kio , there was this guy who came up to my mother and me and started promoting about his tuition centre . even when my mother kept saying , "no , no , no . thanks ." , he still kept bugging us . So... (: 

him : i know you love your daughter and you want her to perform well . 
mother : my daughter doesn't need tuition . she is very busy. thanks . 
him : no , but there must be some subjects she needs coaching . 
mother : her syllabus is different from the normal school curriculum .
him : but we have subjects from primary school to junior colleges . 
mother : her school is different . thanks . 
him : i see that your daughter needs tuition is some subjects ...
mother : she's from rgs . 
him : rgs ? oh . [walks away] 

my mother is so evil . but he kept on bugging us , so what could we do ? 
not that she wanted to be proud or anything . but that guy was seriously 没完没了.

OKAY , end of story . 
just came back from piano lesson which was rather ... alright . 
yesterday i was reading Flowers for Algernon so many times to prepare myself for Literature PPA tomorrow . Maths is also tomorrow , so what am i doing on the computer ? 

i shall switch it off this moment . 
on second thoughts , AFTER i publish this post . 

crap , there's japanese tomorrow . i really want to quit but ... it's like very wasted . 
BUT IT'S WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME & up-ing my stress level . *sigh . but i spent so much money on the books , but that's not the point . anyway,  most of my friends are quitting in june . should i ? >< 
there's some meeting for Year 1 Students taking 3rd Lang tomorrow . 
sounds serious . really scary . YIKES . 

done with posting , 

life's still gotta go on with a smile ! :D 

it's not over yet . i think i still like u . 

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