Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i think i shall start titling my posts as dates (: 
anyway , today was a super SLACK-ish day :D 
we used friday's timetable (i don't know the reason) which is: 

flag raising . 
physical education . 
aesthetics [art & design] .
formal assembly . 
HOME ! (: 

ahahahaha , isn't that super cool ? (: 
we don't have any classroom lessons at all ! & we have aesthetics , which is so fun :D 
alright , shall tell u about my day . 
for PE , we just ran round the track once (super slack :P ) for warm ups , then we did our five stations to prepare us for PFT (which i'm gonna fail cos of inclined pull ups , but that's besides the point) . 
after PE , we went back to class to change into uniform (which is normal , but sick . but we're all girls) then RECESS ! :D 

went to the cafe , wasn't open yet . opening tomorrow ! can't wait , okay ? the menu was so AWESOME :D though i don't like the name . "GOODNEWS cafe" , what crap ? so went to cafeteria (the nicer name for canteen -_- ) to eat . then we went to SHAW LAB ! :D [which is filled with computers . so it's computer lab . it's called Shaw Lab cos its sponsored by Shaw Foundation] the art and design teacher wasn't there yet cos she forgot that we were supposed to use the friday's timetable . but never mind . our nice class chair called the teacher's extension for us (: 

then we went to the Design & Technology workshop ! boy , wasn't it cool ! :D 
it was like , a mad scientist workshop and there was this sound of drilling cos somebody was cutting wood blocks . seriously , it's damn cool . our project for this module was to create this puppet that was battery operated . i don't know how to explain the details , but it's damn damn crazy . like , if we chose sound sensor for our puppet , when someone claps or make a noise or anything , the puppet moves ! OMG OMG so cool . anyway , our class was split into 2 groups . my group went to shaw lab to research on ideas . then after that , we did a changeover and my group did the box , which was the base for our toy . WE HAD TO DRILL ! it wasn't a drill we used , but some large mechanic that looked like it was going to bite :P we had to wear those googles we wore in the chem lab (: 

after that was assembly , which i slept through D: ahahahaha , sorry to the speaker ! 

then , it was lunch ! eat eat eat , then i went to library with tricia . oh yeah , did i tell u tricia bought a cookie from the cafe ? the cafe wasn't fully opened and only sold cookies . i stole a bit . erm ... judging by the cookie , i'm not entirely confident of the cafe now . but who cares ? how can an ice blend go wrong right ? :D hahas . oh yeah , then went library . i wanted to borrow the FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON vcd or dvd or whatever. but don't have . shall try my luck tomorrow (: 

then went to classroom and HYPER for very long . we watched ghost videos which were like , SUPER SCARY ! when i saw the ghost head , i ran around the classroom! & then we also off the lights . OMG OMG . shouldn't think about it. then i walked to the bus stop myself ... i was so damn scared okay ? cos it was quite ulu at that time . cos most people went back home already . but once i boarded 132 then okay already . 

u know what ? i recognised the bus driver ! he always drove the 132 which i always took from holy innocents back home . i think he knew me too , considering i took his bus for about 4 years ? cos he keep on looking at me when i boarded the bus (: then i went up. so bored , no company today . haha , so i took photos of myself . [call me zilian , whatever larh . it's to pass time , okay ? ] 

i love this the most even though i look ugly , cos the angle was nice okay ? :D dark and bright (: 

i think this was HORRIBLE . OMIGOODNESS D: bleah . 
photos taken from below head levels make people [esp me] look fatter than usual cos it gives the double chin effect D: 

alright , done with my post ! :D 
thurs no school! cos of good A levels in RIJC ! :D friday's good friday , so no school too ! 

ahahahah , byes !

xoxo , 
yap li yin :D 

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