Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello people ~ (:
I haven't been posting for quite some time , so sorry about that! 
Alright , it's 16th February & the 3rd day of chinese new year ! (: it doesn't really feel like CNY much nowadays , perhaps its because i've matured ! (: kekeke.  Just kidding , it's because ... *secret* ahhh. if u can somehow gain access to my private blog , the answers are all there (: but sadly , unless there's a technical glitch , u probably can't get in there.

Hmmm , I left all the homework for today ): cos i was too busy relaxing the previous days (: but i did practice my maths though , by counting ang pao money.  Oh yeah , I wore black for CNY ! (: like , really black black. my whole outfit was black & white , majority was black(: kekeke. But I wore some red bangles [at least] which doesn't really match , but well , i have to respect the traditions .  Well , my parents don't really care , so yeah... haha.

I guess I shall end here to start on my homework (: 

oh , and nothing happened on valentines (: 

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