x'mas gathering

Monday, December 21, 2009

today went for the xmas class gathering at rio vista.
organised by fiona , celine ng and pius (:
alright ,  let me start on the story. 

woke up quite early in the morning. bro havent left the hse for his holiday job. couldnt be bothered with him , so went to use the com and he left the house. then halfway , about 45 mins later? my hp rang , answered it . it was my bro. he called cos he wondered if he left his key at the lock on my hse's gate. i opened the door and check , dun have leh. so told him dun hv. and he "shit"ed and said bye. 

then i very scared tat someone took the key from the lock after my bro left and was like , going to open the gate and come into my hse... and i was alone.... cos i oso heard some noise from outside before my bro even called me. walao. i damn scared. then i go and lock my main door . which we dun really go and lock. so rusty already. LOL. but i feel safer larh. then i go and get ready and went out at 11.30 am . i was still very scared . but dunnoe why suddenly my hse downstairs got police . so i felt safer larh. then i not so worried le. and then bus-ed to hougang. 

sat with a xinmin girl on the bus , dunnoe why , but she's very nice(:
i dunnoe how to explain larh. (: 
then alight , and walked to hougang mall there.... and suddenly  , !
somebody jumped forward to me from behind. so shocked ,  ! :O
hahas , it was weiping and huang liyin. meeting them for lunch. then we looked for rachael sim and we went to the kopitiam there to eat. saw carris'cjy.
i walked around , didnt find anything i wanted to eat. so i bought some strawberry desert. 
its like , ice and then pour strawberry sauce over and then 1 scoop of ice cream. quite nice larh.
 but at the bottom i dun like. cos got real strawberries , then huang liyin say not fresh :X 
then hv those corn and all those u'll find in ice kachang. which i dun like. 
so i didnt eat already. then went arcade and played para para of course(: 
played like , more than 5 times? and also other games then we went to take bus to rio vista where the gathering was held.

when we reached there , its like , alot of ppl there already.
played hide and seek. girls find boys. become like , hide and catch larh. cos we find them already still must catch. and then rio vista so big. so difficult. the boys even run to the carpark there. so dangerous -_- then we slacked around.. so boring larh. really really boring. then went playground. saw samuel chee ... then very boring larh. then so thirsty cos dunnoe why all the drinks at pius hse then cannot go in or wat. stuck outside . LOLs , but in the end can liaos larh. drank alot of fizzy drink. (: 1 cup of f&n orange & another cup of root beer. *burp. [excuse me :D] 

then most of the ppl went to the playground again to play colour catching or wat. 
didnt feel like playin. me and weiping sat on some rocks near the pool and slacked. then ryan tan called us from afar. asked us wanna play table tennis or not . well , of course. 
and very few ppl oso , nicer. i dun like crowded places. so we went to the air-coned place and played lorh. only got me , weiping , ryan , kerwin and pius i think.

ryan tan was spinning kerwin on the fnuny spinning chair. and the pius remove the cover of the seat of his chair and didnt put back d: so funny. then ryan tan keep on screaming hysterically. me and weiping laugh like siao. 
laughing weiping.

screaming and laughing ryan.
ok , then we played table tennis? which i would rather call ping pong(:
some security guard came in and ask us if we booked. we said yes cos pius or fiona booked for us. but the man insisted tat we didnt. then he brought the logbook. hah! we did book. :P
then he said tat we have to pay $10 for the net. we said it wasnt necessary. but he said we have to follow all the rules and regulations. i think fiona's mum paid for us.(: thank you ! 
alright , 
then played ping pong and was leading when i was against pius. 
then the security guard came and said tat i wasnt wearing proper attire , meaning , my shoes. cos i was wearing slippers? he said i had to be in track shoes or sports shoes or wateva -_-
FINE ! i had enough. i went to sit at the funny spinning chair and chatted with weiping.

then the rest of the ppl found us ... ): oh no. 
did i mention i hate crowds?  and so they came and play . the whole room became nosier and nosier. chatted with xin rong , weiping , megan and yusong. then xin rong suggested we play murderer. so gathered a few ppl to play outside where it was more quiet. then we play. quite fun. then gary left. ian poy and jerome kwok pranked called and then fiona oso joined in . the rest of us laugh and laugh. like , so damn funny cos the person being pranked thought fiona was a boy acting as a girl and then called her a eunuch... then i went back inside and slacked around then went to the minimart with shu hui , xin rong and wei ping and bought some biscuits and a mars bar. ate the biscuits cos i was damn hungry. hey , i only ate desert for lunch , ok? and not really a proper breakfast. then was dinner time at celine's . exchanged gifts . ryan tan took mine and i took vernise's (:

eat eat eat. 
then pranked called ms yeo , i think.
celine ng tell her tat ian poy opted for hihs... LOL
then my parents came and fetched me.  thanks to weiping for waiting with me(:
parents told me tat they changed the lock of my hse gate. ok , much more relived. 

so , tats the end of my story. 
OMIGOSH! its like , tomorrow will knoe wat sec school im going. alright , not tomorrow , but today cos already 12 midnight liaos. cant sleep , still very energetic even though i was like , active the whole day today. haiz... scared to see the sms tomorrow .. i mean , today :P LOL.
dunnoe if i can make it to either rgs or nanyang , i really really want to. its a burning desire 
[haha , my brain got fried by the para para machine , cos there's a song called "burning desire"]

oh ya , i love wu zun [ 吴尊 ] ! not really love larh , i just kinda idolize him.
im not those ppl who go crazy over guys from boy bands. especially the korean wave . bleah. no offence to anyone out there. but i just like wu zun (: HAHAS . oh yeah , and michael jackson , of course. wu zun's features are like , so perfect . :X 

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