taq replies again

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

im gonna reply taqs again , cos they're rollin in , baby !(: LOL
but not gonna do so complicated like jus now. 

MikaMei:): WOW ! Got into RGS , congrats . ILY !!
reply: thanks thanks (: ILY too ! 

Ris! {:: Junior ayes, saw you yesterday @ mall again, ahahaha. Study well in secondary schools okay, all th best. Loveyou, :D
reply: carris ! (: yeah. hahas , thanks thanks . love you too (:

jewelyn: liyin jie congratz that u can go ur dream school.Even i only now you for 6 months but i think we are close gud luck in the rest of ur life.Ai si ni ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY
reply: thanks jewelyn! yeah. i think we really click. ai si ni too ! (: muacks.

Huiwen(:: Woah. GratsGrats(: Pro huh. Haha.
reply: hahas , ty ty(: but im not pro. it was purely luck (: 

Brenda.: Waha , Yap Yap Jie So CLEVERRR ! :D Hahs . CONGRATSSS MENN ! :DDD
reply: ty brenda mei(: (L) 

alrights. done . 
tomorrow gonna go to my new sec school . super excited :P 
whoa , brenda even post about me on her blog. im so touched (: HAHAS , 

oh ya , and i oso loved one of my posts on facebook(:
dedicated to michael jackson.

my status : "the girl was bad , the girl was DANGEROUS. by michael jackson. (: 
then , andrew ng commented : "can i Beat it
i said "LOL , no u cannot beat it. u have to heal the world instead."
andrew "ok i'll Kill the world"
jun yuan "kill no matter if you're Black Or White"
emily "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"
melissa yeak "why tok so much when They Don't Care About Us?"
leonard tan "ermm..are u all talking abt michael jackson songs??diao-_-"" "
gabriel lim "and remember the time too!"

HAHAS , i loved this (: so nice. 

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