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Thursday, December 10, 2009

was bored , and went blog hoppin , so decided to do this quiz from shipei's blog. 
(click fr her blog!!)

1. Are you single or attached?

2. Do you have a person you like?
last time , but not now.

3. What is the name of the person you are in love with?
i told u mah, dun hv liaos.

4. If the person you love and your mum dropped into the sea, who would you save first?
my mum =.=

5. Have you ever hugged someone before?
obviously larh. walao =.=

6. Do you love your parents?

7. Will you hug the one you love?
yes i would (:

8. Are you willing to do anything for the one you love?
see 1st. maybe bah. 

9.Are you jealous now?
why shld i be?

10. Who was the last preson who smsed you?

11.Who is in your clique?
depends larh. i dun hv a specific group . hang out wif diff. ppls. but , probably the excos(:

12.Do you want babies in the future?
shld be bah

13.Do you prefer McDonalds, KFC, LongJohnSilver or Burger King?

14.Do you sniff glue?
nopes. only when doin my art(: LOLS

15. Do you smoke?
i would nvr touch a cig. 

16.If the person you love is a 2-timer, what would you do?
hate him like crazyyyy , !!  i cant stand ppl lidat. 

17.Which cca are you now in?
currently no sch.... pri sch- brownies.(: 

18. If you are rich, what would you do?
buy loads of stuff larh. 

19. If the person you love, held your hand, what would you do?
*tingles of excitement run down my spine(:

20. If the one you love reject you, what will you do?
i dunnoe. heck care lo. but i wun be the one confessing , no matter how deep the love is. so the one i love wun hv chance to reject me.

21. What is your favourite cartoon character?
patrick the starfish!

22. Friendship or love?
friendship , DUH!

23. Cookie monster or Elmo?

24. Do you use laptop or computer?

25. Do you like lollipops?
yepps , of course. i hv a sweeet tooth. 

26. Do you have a diary?
used to. but now dun hv. 

27. There's an admirer of yours and he won't die heart, what will you do?
let him continue ... hah! he'll stop very soon derh lah. 

28. If you quarrel with your boyfriend/girlfriend and he/she wants to break, what will you do?
break then break lorh. who cares? 

29. Are you blur?

30. If you can have your hair dyed, what colour do you want it to be?
dark brown. 

31. Who is the last person you chatted in your msn?
huang liyin & sheila 

32. How many boys/girls have you beaten before?
as in? fight? or wat.... LOLS

33. If your boyfriend/girlfriend don't love you anymore, what will you do?
"i also dun love u anymore mah! i was jus fakin it... can win best actress award right? tyvm. gdbye(:"  LOLS.

ok... done with this quiz... which i ripped from shipei(: HAHAHA....
i tag everybody in my links! (:

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