exco outing(:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

today went to vivo fr. the exco outin(:
ppl were: sheila , jonathan , delvin , ian & sheffield 
obviously , cos they are the excos(: sheffield's the only p5. but its ok , i think . cos he blended in well?
hmms , this outing is like , more of a me & sheila outing(: [to me]
cos the boys werent really together with us. LOL. but neverminds. 
ok , here comes the story(:

get out of my hse at about 10am? [supposed meeting time was 10.30am , at hg's interchange sweet talk] then rannnn for the bus... luckily , the kind bus driver stopped for me. thank you , uncle ! hahas , then reached sweet talk at like , 10.07am?
msg-ed sheila , ask her if she's comin soon , she said yeah(: 
hahas , then not long after , sheffield came.  then sheila. (:
the other 3 boys took superrr long ... haiz... then they came eventually.
said they were waitin at the hougang mall's sweet talk... LOL. well , tat's understandable. cos there was some misconception . alright , wateva. 

so we took mrt to habourfront. went to get tickets for planet 51 --12.10pm movie. 
hmms , then me and sheila went to water park. the boys went to the arcade.
we girls were like torturing ourselves. there were many small stones in the water. sooo painful): but there were some cute pre-school kids playin. teacher brought them here. (:

then went to arcade to join the boys. they were playin racing , like , of course.
topped up $20 and so , play! hahas , played motorcycle game which i fell in love with. and then played the dancing game. and after tat para para . we didnt knoe the boys left already... then delvin called sheila. said why we not there yet. we look at the time ... oh no ! so late already? haahs , but para para still hv like , 3 more games? so we finish playin then ran to the cinema. luckily the boys werent heartless(: 

then i wanted to eat smth from the cinema's snack bar at the 2nd storey , but not open=.= so went down to the usual snack bar and bought a hotdog combo. sheila bought the same. then smth happened. then we went up and went to the cinema lorh. the show was rather ok larh. but delvin was so damn funny through out the whole show. sheila also. we keep on laughin. oh ya , u knoe those pre-school kids oso watched the same show as us? then sit at the row behind us , keep on kickin my seat -_- , and even pulled sheila's hair. oh well. 

then after the movie , was needing the toilet desperately. hahas , then me and sheila ran up up up to look for it. didnt realise there was one jus in front of us... the boys went to tat toilet. didnt tell us... LOL. neverminds. exercise is gd for me(: they went to eat subway. but me and sheila not hungry so we walked around. i ate my old chang kee sotong(: HAHA. again , yes. then we went to buy licorice or smth lidat. damn long , maybe about 60cm? i dunnoe. LOL. i bought some blueberry bubblegum flavour. sheila bought smth yellow. i forgot wat flavour .. hahas , looked really sick when we eat it , but well , its nice and sweet(:

then went to arcade again and played motorcycle game and the dance dance one and some random games... then played para para(: i got into the highscore and was 1st(: hahas , unbelievable... then me and sheila took some "neoprint" that wasnt really neoprint... hahas , dunnoe how to describe it. then wanted to write the date on it , but time was runnin out , so in the end only write the number 15 which had no meaning at all ... LOLS. but tat "neoprint" only $3 , cheap compared with the $8 in hougang mall. 

then decide to walk around aimlessly. 
and me and sheila saw MRS POH! our p3 teacher. sheila didnt see her. then i called "mrs poh! " hahas , then we chat-ed awhile with mrs poh and then said bye(: then we decided to go home. took mrt back to hougang . played on sheila's psp. then we bus-ed back home separately. 

hmmms , overall quite an enjoyable day. maybe photos next time(:

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