cca orientation

Monday, December 28, 2009

I went for CCA orientation today. Quite okay...
I think I want to join the editorial CCA ... or maybe Girl Guides (:
Haha , yes. Then I went to collect my stuffs from HIPS [eagles as well as PSLE certificate] and I saw Sze Zhi Hao also collecting =.=  Of all people. ): Oh , never mind.
Then went home... and did normal stuff. Just checked my mail , didn't get selected for SAP ): Oh well , never mind then. Maybe I'm not up to their standard. This will leave more time for me to do other activities , and also focus on my 3rd language and CCA (:  
Then Xuan Wei called me and told me that Mr. Ho wants us to go back to HIPS and collect something .... I was like , the timing she called was so not right... =.= now I have to make another trip there... oh well. 
So now , I'm just doing random stuff at home ... Haha :D So bored ... :P 

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