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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today was quite an interestin day larh. 
in terms of interestin , i mean not boring... okayy? lols.
1st in the mornin had debate-r10 VS r8. i was the 主席 , like yesterday , tat means im the host... lols , so have to like.... be like a host... diao larh. wat am i saying? okayyes , neverminds. then r10 won , as i heard cos had to go to prize presentation rehearsal... lols , so shu hui took over my role as the host (: 

then had the mrs sum and mrs tan farewell ceremony. 
hahas , me and sheila had to present the booklet and flowers to them. 
the flowers made me sneeze and sneeze , but luckily was alright. then like , many  other happenings... then stayed back for the pri 1 and 2 ceremony , so its like the same thing again , except tat we jus giv booklets , cos 2 little cute pri 2 pupils gave the flowers(:  then the top girl from pri 2 (she's smart and pretty and cute) gave her speech , replacing head prefect.

after tat , me , sheila , rachel wee , jonathan , ian poy as well as cheryl ( & annadine , i think... not sure) ate lunch. then on the TV in the canteen , they were showin the whole video of the farewell ceremony. walao , so paiseh... lols , but so funny. then we hanged out in the canteen. had this weird internal singing contest. me and rachel laugh until our whole face red. jonathan tried to shoot me with a rubber band. poor me ):

then mr ng cher hwa bought us some drinks (7 bottles) and gave us biscuits. so good , thanks 黄老师!lols , 

these are the drinks mr. ng bought for us (: i took the peach , sheila the chrysanthemum & rachel the green tea... 
then these are the biscuits. me& rachel ate 2 each, sheila ate one.
then came back with rachel , took some photos on the bus , we took them cos school going close liaos... )':

i wanna take photo with my JUNIORs , FRIENDs , and my CLASSMATEs!!! (:

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