Monday, November 2, 2009

todayy was the audition for the end-of-year concert(: lols , i think went quite smoothly lurh.
except , why we got audience when other classes dun hv? we hv , like , r5 starin at us... lols , it was quite okayye , but i think i spoilt the whole thing leh , by laughing... cos victor was damn damn funny , together with julian...

ok , enough of tat. today we oso had chinese debate in class. its internal class debate , talk about, 己所不欲,勿施于人 and i was again, the emcee... hahas , then today is mr.ho's birthday... 

happy birthday!(: mr.ho 

hahas , okayyes. then he give us lollipop and other stuff... lols , 
okayyes, i thought we should be the one giving him things. but neverminds lorh. just take :D hahas. 

tats all, gotta do some research about the art competition.

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