activity-filled day

Friday, November 13, 2009

today was a day packed to the brim with activities sia! 
1st was like , the street soccer tournament yeah? was like , cheerin like mad for my class. then my throat became so damn dry leh , now my voice abit softer larh. but still , my class still lose lorh. neverminds larh. then like , mr choo keep on askin me and christi to do the cards for the mrs sum and mrs tan thingy.lols. so we didnt go and cheer for awhile. we went bck to class and did the cards. then luckily finished quite fast. so went down again to cheer.

lols , quite fun larh. then after tat recess go and eat ice cream , cos can cool down the throat. then after tat hv prize-givin rehearsal , i won a not so good prize larh , but still hv to go larh. its the most outstandin cca award for brownies lorh. then i was like , want to go and watch the soccer , but cannot. everyone like so sian...hahas , and then sheila was like , so uptight larh. but she cooled down. then at least we can watch the teachers versus the students play ball. so funny. the teachers like , play rough sia. but still fun to watch. but in the end i dunnoe who won... lols. 

after tat it was like , quite late already . but still went back to class larh. then played some card games and then , tragedy stroke. okayy , maybe not tat bad larh, but still... dunwan to say so much about it larh, but it gotta do with alina , the boys and her UNO cards. wth.

then after tat got the ICLC prize presentation(: i got silver... heehee. so take prize. hahas. then very fun lorh. while waiting talked to johanah and leonard. lols. damn funny , the 2 of them. at least not so boring. then after tat talked talked and hanged out there awhile. drank the drink they gave us. i think its "justtea". i took peach... lols ,  ohya , and oso at the ICLC , got this boy from AMK primary larh. he won bronze , i think. then he was like , keep on lookin at me leh. yar lorh, i oso find him like , damn familiar lorhs. they call his name to go up stage to receive prize budden the name still dont ring a bell. then i come back home keep on thinkin... and then... like , ohya! i knoe who he is liaos. last year went to RI for the HAL thingy , he was in my english class larh. lols. now i knoe.
just some photos from the ICLC thingy. i took them from alina's blog! []  thanks alina. (: hope u dun mind.
group photo!

alina , me and johanah!

so u see , my day today had some ups and downs.  
but i think , there are more ups larh. wooohooo!(:
and then , monday full-dress rehearsal... and i dunnoe wat to wear -_-

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