Tuesday, July 7, 2009

had school todae... yeah. so we did the usual stuff. then we change classroom with r9, from sd10's classroom... i knoe its confusing, but... well, tat's life. so now poor r9 people have to climb to 5th floor... sorry people! 

had staggered recess which i totally HATE... no prefect duty... sads... i lurve it sia!! now im using com cos teacher ask me to type my poem and design it... heehees... so honoured. todae stayed in school until 5.15pm bcos of the PSLE maths course i signed up... ok-ok lah... not as boring as the last year's one. different organizer. basically, todae was ok. u knoe actually bcos h1n1, supposed to cannot stay back in school, but for p6s ONLY, lessons resume... how UNFAIR.... but anyways, juniors, next time, u will also experience the PAIN, ANGUISH, UNJUSTNESS.... alrights, maybe im a LITTLE BIT too dramatic, but still....

kayyes, i better go off now. must look for merlion pictures:p heehees...

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