Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hey dearest blog hoppers, im here posting on my blog, after quite a long time.
Reason? that's because the school had reopened and I am far too busy to post, yeah?
but today, i am bloggin as I am checking my mail...lols... and doing some LEAD tasks...

teacher gave us alot of homework yesterdae!! [but its actually in the event when school closes down for H1N1]
let me list the homework:
-English Unit 9 supplementary worksheet
-English Unit 10 supplementary worksheet
-English Revision Paper 1 [full paper!!]
-English Revision paper 2 [full papaer!!]
-Science Unit 10 [or 9, i think] paper
-Science Unit 11 [or 10, i think] paper
-Science Prelim Revision Paper [full paper!!]
-Science Prelim Revision Paper [full paper!!]

well, i guess that's all. but, that's life in primary six, right?
the good news is... i completed them ALL today!!!
even though the school did not close. in fact, i heard that today they are contemplating whether to extend school hours to make up for the coming Monday holiday [youth day]. hopefully not, but if there is, my class is surely one of the classes, sian.... 

i wonder if H1N1 is a good thing or bad thing. wat do u think? :]

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