Thursday, June 21, 2012

House Campaigns have officially started today. The online campaigns, that is.
Life has been... surrounding preparing for campaign stuff before this. 

I can't express how grateful I am to have my dear campaign team in my life, they actually sacrificed their entire Tuesday from 10am all the way till around later than 6.30pm to help me with my campaign prep, especially the campaign video, which is quite embarrassing, but I'm quite proud of it (: 

Here is my Facebook page! (: CLICK HERE If you would like to take a look/ conveniently like it, it would mean the world to me, thank you so very much. 

Holidays are ending soon which is really terrible but House Campaigning starts right from the first day of school, so that's really something to look forward to. No matter what, I'm really just going to give it my best shot and just enjoy the process. House really means the world to me, and I really hope to give back to it in the best way possible. 

I'm rather restless right now, apologies for this terrible update post! So I shall just insert some photographs of my campaign team (or a small part of them) eating. It seems like as if they just eat without doing any work. I would put photographs of them doing work, but I'm saving them for my Facebook page. 

Wang You and Sarah! 

Valerie, my campaign manager! 

The fries that are in our stomach/ passed out! They look really unappetizing here. 

McSpicy that apparently wasn't very spicy. 

Ice cream yay! 

More ice cream yay!

Yesterday was a pretty good day, went to school for Annual Assembly Prep session - it felt really good catching up with my dear Guides batchmates, they are still so amazing! Preparing for Annual Assembly makes me really quite excited for the day - next Saturday! Annual Assembly is really the highlight of Guides every year, and to me, it signifies that the graduating batch is probably leaving soon - which only means one thing - my batch will probably be stepping up really really soon! 

At the start of this year, during March Camp, I really didn't think that my batch would be able to step up and lead Guides, but we've really grown so much this year and have learnt a lot from the batch above us. I'm really quite excited at the prospect of my batch leading! Not only in Guides, but for the entire school. Everything feels so surreal.

I love this photo of Mae and Chris with myself! And look at my SOD bubble tea - it's 100% sugar! Plus, the flavour's caramel! I'm crazily unhealthy. 

This is such an awful blog post but to end this off, here's one of the memes I used for publicity purposes on Facebook. Thank you Ragini for the photograph - I don't think it's a posed photograph by the way (: 

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