Thursday, June 14, 2012

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, every person deserves to feel appreciated and special. 
(and yes if you were wondering, I took and edited that photo myself heh) 

I do realize that my blog posts have recently been based largely on inspirational themes, or some might even call them psuedo-inspirational but this June holidays have truly been enlightening in so many ways and I'm so happy that my mindset and outlook to life (or rather the little things that happen in my life) have changed quite a fair bit, and I'm glad to say that it's for the better. In the middle of Semester 1, I remember being really lost and I was really drowning. 

These few days, I have been feeling pretty good as a whole and I'm starting to feel much more comfortable with who I really am. I'm starting to feel so much more fortunate and appreciative of what I have because I am really such a lucky person, with so many wonderful people around me and I'm beginning to grow into my skin, for real. It's such a beautiful feeling, and I really hope that every person will be able to feel comfortable  with who they are because I know that there are so many people out there who don't feel this way. 

I have no idea what's got into me but, hold your head up, you deserve to feel good (:

Anyway yesterday, instead of just feeling good, I felt like a princess too! The closest we could get to a castle was the one at Universal Studios. Headed there with Gillian, Jie Lin, Angelia and Hui Min. It was my third time there, but every visit to USS was different because of the company with me. 

I shall leave the photographs to do the talking, there isn't much to write about this visit in particular (: The reason why Angelia and Hui Min aren't in the photos are because we split up for a while as the two of them sat on the Battlestar Galactica repeatedly, which I had no intention of going on and have no intention to take it in future. 

Alex's my favourite character from the Madagascar movie series, I don't really know why. 
To be honest, I think he's the least cute out of all the characters, but I guess he's the character which I can relate to the most, being headstrong and self-absorbed. 

Gillian's favourite penguins! (They have individual names, but I have no idea what they are sorry penguins!)
I actually really really like the penguins too, they are always so ingenious and witty. I feel a bit strange right now talking about cartoon characters like they are humans, but I have never ever outgrown the stage of believing that cartoon characters / plush toys have actual lives. 

And Gloria the hippo!
She's so sexy, curvy and confident despite her tummy, so much to be respected for! 

Met a performer who looked rather alike to Brendan Fraser - the guy who played Rick O' Connell in the Mummy movie series. 

Convenient photograph for comparison:
Looks quite alike in my opinion! 

No one has any idea how much this photograph means to me - yes this one of me with the Yellow M&M - my favourite out of all the M&M characters. 

I have always adored the Yellow one (yes, way before I was even in Waddle!) since really young, perhaps around nine or ten and I remember owning a small Yellow M&M plushy that had a keyring attached to it. I loved it, and it went with me everywhere I went and I'm not even exaggerating. It meant the world to me and  held many precious memories because of the many places I brought it to. I constantly recited this little poem (it's so embarrassing but I'm really proud of it at the same time):

I'm Yellow, 
the sweetest fellow
Trust in me, 
just in me.
Would you like to eat me? 

But then I lost it in Primary Five due to a loosened keyring and I was just terribly upset about it, and cried a lot because of that. Everyone thinks that I don't eat yellow M&Ms because of their relation to my House colour, but no - this is the real reason. 

Yes, I do realize that I sound terribly stupid and childish right now, re-telling my story about my Yellow M&M and it's just a character concocted out by a chocolate company - it doesn't even star in TV shows or movies yet I've established such a deep connection with it. Yellow M&M keyrings are now extremely common (back when I lost it, there weren't shops like Candylicious that sold such merchandise) but none of them look exactly like the one I used to have. The thing about the above photo is that the gigantic Yellow M&M Character looks exactly like that keyring - with it's half closed eyelids and looking all sleepy. That's why this photograph means so much to me - it's as if my Yellow M&M has grown up and I got to meet it again (':

No one is going to take me seriously but everything that I just wrote is true. I feel rather weird now. 

To end this off in a good note, I'm back to my peanut butter cups obsession which stopped for a while since last year, with me buying lots of Reese's. I absolutely can't wait for Halloween - peanut butter cups will be everywhere baby! 

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