Sunday, July 1, 2012

The past week has a been a blur, a crazy period of time where emotions were just running really wild.
I would say that it was a rather good week though, despite it being the first week of school.

So yes, one of the main events that happened last week would most undoubtedly be that House Campaigns have started. For real. It was quite a fun experience - really different from what I had expected to be. To be honest, I thought campaigning this year was going to be really draining and tiring, but it was actually quite enjoyable, especially with my always-supportive campaign team. I owe so much to them, I don't even know how to thank them properly. Really, I have the most wonderful campaign team ever, look at the stickers they designed for me!

Don't they look super duper amazing! (': And that's just one of the many many things they have sacrificed for me, especially their time! So so fortunate to have them, really! Anyway, campaigning this year has been really hardcore, especially the candidates from my batch - and I've learnt so much from it. I feel like campaigning is quite terrible in the sense that everyone has something to prove, and everyone is going all out and the school doesn't exactly see what we can do behind the scenes so essentially they will just be choosing the more popular ones, which isn't very fair. I really appreciate that the competition between Waddle candidates are really friendly and supportive, I love all of us! 

Then on Wednesday, our school actually brought my entire sec three batch to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands to view Andy Warhol's art exhibition as well as Harry Potter The Exhibition! That was a wonderful treat in the middle of the crazy first week of school. 

I don't exactly know a lot about Andy Warhol, except that he was the artist who is responsible for the very famous Campbell soup series and Marilyn Monroe's Popart paintings. His exhibition was really good, through a layman's eyes, although I would probably have enjoyed it more if we didn't have a guided tour. That being said, if there wasn't a guide with us, I probably wouldn't understand half of his works because I don't really know this guy's background. Andy Warhol was such an eccentric and interesting person - and it's really cool how an artist's life can really influence their artworks. If anyone is going to the Art Science Museum, don't just jump straight into the Potter exhibition, check out Andy Warhol's 15 Minute Eternal exhibition as well, it's quite queer and eye-opening, especially if we understand the context behind every piece. 

Then, we headed to the Harry Potter exhibition, which was of course, the highlight of the day. Everything just felt extremely magical to me - the floating words (essentially just light shining on tiny water droplets in the air) at the entrance to the merchandise shop at the end of the exhibition. I definitely would not call myself a Harry Potter fan, but I have read and watched some of the books and the movies from the series and do proudly say that I belong to the generation that grew up with the three protagonists of the series. After some people had a go sitting under the sorting hat and being sorted, we entered this room with some screens and they flashed out the important scenes from the series - from Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Hogwarts Express for the very first time, all cute and young to the final battle with Lord Voldy. It was quite amazing watching how they grew, and thinking back about our own childhoods as well, how we've grown from watching them up till now. Some serious Potterheads from my class actually teared, because it was indeed a rather emotional clip. After it ended, we turned to our right and the huge door opened, revealing a life size Hogwarts Express and lots of mist and fog, indicating that we could enter the exhibition for real. 

It was quite an amazing experience, being able to see the props and costumes used in the movie and the whole exhibition was very artfully recreated, it all felt so magical. At the end of it, there was a merchandise shop with many overpriced items, but it was definitely a Potterhead's dream come true. I had to try Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, so I got a small box for six bucks. It was quite worth it though, in my opinion, judging by the food engineering that has gone into the production of these beans. 

The crazy flavours they had in the box! Apart from the normal flavours like candyfloss and cherry, I've only dared to try the Earthworm and Grass flavours. The earthworm tasted exactly like ham with a strong weird aftertaste while the grass one actually tasted quite good, it tasted like well, grass!

Then on Saturday, we had our Guides Annual Assembly, which was sort of like a campfire where we invite Guides and Scouts from other schools, except that it doesn't have a campfire but rather just a few performances and a storyline. This year's theme was 'A Twist In Tales', which was quite cute, and I thought that I enjoyed this year's AA more than last's. 

Annual Assembly is always quite emotional - because it's the last project the batch stepping down that  year does, and this year it means even more because it's an indication that the next batch, MY batch would be stepping up in the coming year and that's something that feels extremely surreal. Time is passing way too fast but nowadays, I don't think it's that bad of a thing. I'm really feeling quite excited at the prospect of the CLs coming from my own batch. 

A really really pretty batch photo! I love you smurfs! (': 

No matter who becomes CL, I'm sure everyone will give their fullest support to the special three! We must not be the most last minute batch anymore, but rather the most amazing and most influential. 

Finally, on Sunday, met Nicole and Linette at the National Library to do our Math AA - a rather last minute job considering that our AA was due in week 2 but we finished in a few short hours, so that was good. It was extremely fun spending time with them. After that, Nicole and I went to TCC for lunch where both of us became quite broke but well, it was a good lunch for a lazy Sunday afternoon! 

My chicken mushroom pasta! 

And a heavenly cappuccino cheesecake! (': 

Nicole and I had a rather good conversation about our own lives, and how crazy it becomes, especially when we get older. We didn't know what's in store for us in future and it's just feels so insecure. I guess we should really just live life to it's fullest every single day and make the most out of it. 

Yes, so my week has been insane. 
Thank you to every single one of you who have made this week so memorable. 

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