Monday, June 11, 2012

Life has been pretty mundane recently and things haven't been going the way I thought, or planned. 

But I try, and I try, to really just make the best of what I have and to appreciate the things that I have. I mean, there really isn't anything we can do when things don't go the way we want to and sometimes we get angry and aggravated but think about it, will that really change anything? Letting our emotions control us will just make us feel worse. Could we perhaps just remain calm and make the best of what we have and be happy about it?

I know, I know, it all seems so perfect in theory but it's absolutely difficult to put it into practice in real life. I mean, who can resist being upset when things don't go as planned? Who can stop themselves from feeling disappointed when well, they are indeed disappointed? No lie, I can't do it either. I just hope that every time something like that happens, I will be able to pick myself up and move from there. Yes I do realize that what I'm typing right now seems terribly cheesy, but I'm really trying to adjust myself to this sort of mindset, and feel free to take all these however you like. 

It's 3.19AM right now and I'm still rather energetic, thanks to the nap I had from 8PM to 11.30PM last night. Did I mention that George Watsky released his new mixtape yesterday? It is not unusually amazing (':  George Watsky is truly an inspiration to me (this is definitely not my first time raving about him but still.) His outlook to life is really something that I aspire to adopt - to have that immense passion and pleasure for what you do and not care about what people think or the monetary gains that you risk not having. He might not be the best looking guy around (to me, he is!), but he sure is someone to be respected. 

Many laugh at and possibly even judge my strange taste in music and to be honest, I never used to like the genre of rap music. That is, until Watsky came along. He didn't rap about women, beer and raunchy stuff like that. Rap was an avenue for him to express how he felt about things and boy are his views inspiring. What really makes him attractive is how real and true he is. Did I ever mention that he is a poet? Brownie points for that! :D If you'd like to be inspired, click here. Read into the lyrics (:

Oh and Sunday wasn't too bad a day! Went out with my dear Youth Assembly C (from Hwa Chong's Student Leaders' Convention) and it was such an entertaining afternoon and evening. Thank you all for that! We caught Madagascar 3 which was pretty good in terms of the balance of comedic content and meaning to it. I know I have a terrible habit of being all preachy, but the animation really touched me, in the sense that it brought across the message of having passion for the things you do (which if you can't tell by now, is the most important value that I have been believing for some time now), to choose to go in the right direction and to never, never, ever give up. Afterwards, we headed to book an entertainment room to catch another movie - Ghost Protocol (Mission Impossible 3) but I was too tired to really watch the movie, instead simply enjoying the fast action it provided. We proceeded to have dinner before playing a few short rounds of Double Dare. I'm so fortunate to have met this group of funny people (: 

Alright, it's 3.51AM as I type this. I should head to my bed despite not having the urge or need to. 

Before I end though, I'd just like to mention how much the latest two tags on my tagbox have made my day. It's really nice to know that someone appreciates my smile (I hope that my understanding of "cut like a comet" is actually right), thank you for telling me that (: And it's an amazing feeling to know that someone enjoys reading my blog, thank you :D 

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